Maryrose! Live in Chicago!

A few Saturdays ago, Maryrose (from Europe Trip 1) was in Chicago. I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to hang out with her, so Mindy, and her roommate, Shannon, and I took the train from Michigan City down to downtown Chicago to meet up with her, and her friend Monica. It was a fantastic day, fairly cold, but bright. We met up by Millennium Park, then walked to the Hancock building, where we stopped to have drinks at the bar/lounge by the top, giving us a fantastic view of the entire city. I was without my trusty camera, but this gave me a wonderful opportunity to try out my new phones camera. The pictures turned out fairly good, for the most part (not digital camera quality, but certainly viewable and recognizeable.)

The day continued with some more city walking, stopping at the occasional store to check out clothes…I, uh… I found a number of things I wanted, but managed to hold off on purchasing things.. well.. almost. I ended up getting myself this rather lovely Cubs Jersey at a shop near the Tribune Building:

Cubs Jersey

The evening ended with a lovely Chicago deep dish pizza meal at a little place downtown with some additional friends joining us. Sadly, we had to take off early to make our train.. but once again, a grand time had by all, and it was fantastic to hang out with Maryrose again. It’s a hard thing to describe.. it’s not quite the feeling like “it’s as though no time has passed at all” since last I hung out with her.. It’s just one of those deals where it takes all of about 30 seconds for it to feel perfectly natural to be hanging out with her again… all set to risk my life or make a complete ass of myself again. In truth, walking around Chicago reminded me of the Europe trip a bit.. just kinda walking around a city, looking at interesting things, and talking about whatever. As this trip was significantly cheaper than a vacation to another continent, I’m of the opinion that I ought to do more of this kind of traveling. Well, that’s neither her nor there, but the whole “Yea! Maryrose was here! is really what you should be taking away from this post. Here’s hoping she moves to Chicago!

Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear, you can view the pictures in my pictures dealie

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