CBS cancels Love Monkey

Seriously, why bother? Why bother getting jazzed about a new show on TV. Odds are it’ll get canceled before anyone has a chance to watch it… If networks took half the energy they put into promoting a show months before it actually aired for the first time, and put that into actually letting the show reach the airwaves, they might improve their chances a bit… and people (i.e. ME) wouldn’t hate them so much. The latest cause for anger: Love Monkey. I had jotted down a week or two ago that I should talk about this show, and now that I’m set to do so, I check the schedule, and see that it’s not airing. Not a huge deal.. maybe the Olympics or something mean that… oh, wait, nope, it’s been canceled already. 3 episodes! They canceled the thing after 3 episodes… so now they showed reruns of something else instead… First off, putting up a new show against the likes of Boston Legal and Law and Order: SVU is setting it up for a weak start. Then killing it after 3 episodes is just retarded… but just goes to reinforce what I’ve been saying for a while: TV Networks are stupid. The Shows that ended up very successful simply wouldn’t make it on TV today. There’s no way Seinfeld would make it past its first 6 episodes if it started today. Sigh.. CBS, you get the finger.

If you did get a chance to watch Love Monkey, I hope you liked it. I thought it had fantastic potential. Tom Cavanagh [Ed] played the main character, “Tom”, a record company executive who loses his job and his girlfriend on the same day [pilot]. Yes, very, very Ed-esque… He eventually gets a dream job at a smaller recording company, where he’s free to focus on music over simply money, and meets up with a hot employee certain to be love interest number 1. That’s the pilot episode. You’ve also got his quirky friends, including Jason Priestly (good friend married to Tom’s sister) and even Kitty, from Arrested Development. Tom plays a character similar to Ed(Charming guy, quirky sense of humor, and a complete idealist) but this time he’s got a bit more of a edge to him (i.e. In a fight, Tom would beat up Ed). It was funny, and at the end you felt good. I guess those are the two things TV can’t stand right now.. If someone didn’t get killed, and you don’t feel bad at the end, then your show must be bad, and needs to get yanked.

So I hope you had a chance to see Love Monkey, and I hope Tom Cavanagh ends up somewhere on a show where I can watch him. The guy is just too likable to not be doing something. As for me, I’m going to stick to shows that have already ended their runs (with a few special exceptions), and watch them, knowing some suit isn’t going to take them away from me.

(P.S. Since I’m ranting about TV Networks: FOX: you burning off the final 4 episodes of Arrested Development on Friday [A night it’s never been aired on, and up against the opening ceremonies of the Olympics] was such a pathetic move. The episodes were fantastic.. and I really hope Showtime picks it up. But at some point, FOX, you’re going to have to own up to the fact that you had the best show on TV and didn’t know what to do with it. I guess if people aren’t being berated by Simon Cowell you are at a complete loss. Why not just give all of your shows to Cartoon Network, and have them market them for you. That seemed to work for Family Guy.)

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  1. I read a great article in a magazine about how even reality shows are edited and scripted to push an agenda or storyline (if you can believe it). And reality shows are the only thing that are really ‘moving’ these days. Very cheap and fast to do.

    Networks are interested in copying existing shows (dancing with the stars, skating with the stars… colonoscopy with the stars…) than actually putting money into a show that is a “gamble”.

    The ONLY bonus of the networks running through shows like a hot knife through butter is that they DO get exposure, and have the chance of making it elsewhere – i.e. AD, family guy, futurama.

  2. It’s all about ratings.. the average american viewer can’t handle much beyond the biggest loser or the 385th season of the bachelor

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