Card Games: 5. Bid Euchre

Bid Euchre

  • Players: 4
  • Game Length: Medium
  • Card Decks: Pinochle Deck (all 9,10,J,Q,K,A from 2 normal decks. Thus 48 cards)
  • Jokers: No

This is a game with as many variations of how to play as there are people who play it.. but the basic idea tends to be the same. Those of you familiar with normal Euchre should recognize most of the rules fairly quickly, and be able to play in no time. I believe my brother taught me this game long ago when I was visiting him when he was at Calvin. I like it a bit more than normal Euchre, as it relies less on just random chance (I was dealt these cards, therefore I will win) and more on strategy and manipulating others (I have a mediocre hand, but I bid kinda high, so to beat me, they’ll have to bid even higher, and I don’t think they’ve got the stones…) The goal of the game is to get points, and you get points by collecting tricks.

This game is based on normal Euchre, so start by reviewing the rules for Euchre. Now I’ll explain the differences:

How to Play

  • Card Hierarchy is the same as Euchre with one major difference: since there is 2 of every card, the card laid first is higher than a card laid second. (e.g. if I lay the Queen of hearts, and you lay the Queen of hearts after me, my Queen is higher than yours.)
  • Begin by dealing out all the cards to everyone, (thus each person gets 12 cards) There is no kitty, and no cards remaining.
  • The person to the left of the dealer begins the bidding by saying how many tricks they believe their team will take, and what suit they’d like trump to be.
  • The next person must either bid higher (i.e. say a higher number of tricks they expect to take) along with a trump suit [which may be the same as the previous person’s trump suit bid] or they must pass.
  • This continues around the table until we get to the dealer, who bids or passes like everyone else. If no one has bid, then everyone is stupid. Seriously, bid 1 at the least… but anyway, assuming no one has bid the dealer must bid. May as well bid 1, and pick a suit.
  • Once the bidding phase is done, the person with the highest bid begins by laying out a card, and the person to the left follows, and the game proceeds just like normal Euchre (keep in mind the additional Card Hierarchy rule about identical cards).
  • Scoring is as follows:
    • If your team’s bid was highest, and you take at least how many you bid, you get 1 point for every trick you took. (e.g. If you bid 6 Hearts, and took 8 tricks, you get 8 points.)
    • If your team’s bid was highest, and you did not take at least how many you bid, you get negative your bid. (e.g. If you bid 6 Hearts, and took 5, you get -6 points.
    • If your team did not have the highest bid, you get 1 point for every trick you took.
  • The first team to a predetermined score (e.g. 50) wins

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