Animal Crossings: 1. Home Tour

This post is brought to you by “Ron”, of “Hyrule”. He’s my Animal Crossings: Wild World character, and he’s been busy.

Home Tour

I just had a major addition added to my house, so things are a bit disorganized, but here we go with a tour of my house. We’ll start outside by the front door:

AC: My House

I’ve got my two welcome mats out there: Cubs logo and a Link image. Zelda is pretty big here.. the town being Hyrule and all. Let’s go inside:

AC: Main Room AC: Piano

This is the main room. It’s huge, and right now, it’s pretty ugly. Since all the nice furniture has been moved to other rooms, this room is just filled with odds and ends that didn’t go anywhere else for the moment. The carpeting will need to go at some point too, but for now.. it’ll do. I got a fancy piano a few days ago from my friend Wart Jr. for correctly guessing he hadn’t bathed in the last week, so that’s sitting here by my guitar. I stuck all of my red items against the East wall, because I’m told that’ll somehow make me rich. (Feng Shui is big here too.) I’ve got a few other fun games and toys that I’ve just jammed in that corner:

AC: Red Items AC: Red Items

I’ve got a pretty nice pool table… but it’s stuck against the wall so no one can use it. Against the back wall is something a bit more interesting:

AC: Seismosaur AC: Stringfish

I’ve been collecting fossils around town, and donating most of them to the Museum, and selling others to help pay off my mortgage.. but when I started collecting these giant Seismosaur fossils, I decided to keep them and display them at my house. It’s almost complete now, and hardly fits in my house at all.. In fact, once I add another room or two, I’ll have no place to put it, so I’ll have to get rid of it… but for now, I think it looks kind of nice. A keen eye might spot that I currently am missing the hip section.. I’ve got a T-Rex torso filling in back there. I figured I’d hold on to that too, and see which animal I can complete first. As for that giant fish in a tank.. that’s a Stringfish. It’s one of the rarest, most expensive fish you can catch, and I’ve caught quite a few (much to the dismay of “Rachel”, from “My Town”.) I’m holding on to this one, because there’s a fishing tournament on Sunday, and if all else fails, I’m going to try to cheat and use this fish as my entry. If that doesn’t work, I can still sell it for quite a bit. Let’s move to the upstairs room:

Robo Room

I call this the “Robo-Room”, as most of the furniture, and the floor/walls are from the “Robo” collection. I’m a big fan of the giant TV, but the rest of the room is pretty empty. I picked up a hoop the other day, and just kinda left it sitting up here. It’s hard to believe how much crap I get that just ends up sitting around.

Robo Room Robo Room

We’re finally moving to my favorite room, the master bedroom. This whole room is filled with items from the “Modern” furniture line, which is very much to my liking. I just had the fireplace added, and I think it really pulls the room together. My lava-lamp collection stays in here, along with pictures of my good friends Bree and Goose. Goose moved to Rachel’s town a short while ago… but truth be told I don’t really miss him. He was kinda preachy, and his letters sucked. He also re-gifted a shirt that I gave him, sending it back to me a week later. I sent it back to him for him to keep, and two days later I found it in the trash! Anyway, here’s my bedroom:

Bedroom Bedroom

Well, that’s it for the tour. I hope to add on a few more rooms to this place.. I’ve got plenty of furniture to fill it with… but it’s pricey, and fruit only grows so fast. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll head out to the museum.

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