New and Improved!

So… yeah. I’m slowly working on redoing this site, so a few weeks ago I wiped the machine clean and installed Fedora Core 4. Then I reinstalled all those linuxy things I needed, and upgraded to Mysql 4.1 (with its UTF8y goodness) and finally got mod_rewrite working, so you poor myspace and blogger teens don’t get to use my cd cover images anymore. [You bunch of savages]. So that was fun and exciting. Then I rewrote my search stuff, and now you can search the captions of images as well. Huzzah! I redid the whole highlighting thing on that page, and it works quite a bit better than it did before (i.e. it works at all). I’m off and on coding up a working function to get the search matches highlighted on the actual log pages. (working –> The opposite of “breaks all of the tags and images and could make the page hang forever”)

It would appear that my site is also becoming quite the home for Nintendo Fanboys. I couldn’t be more proud. The overwhelming consensus seems to be that people on the Internet do not understand punctuation, capitalization, or spelling.

I’m listening to the Jurassic Park audio book now (having finally finished listening through all the Douglas Adams books). I don’t think I need to tell you that it’s one of the greatest things ever. I’m a bit surprised by how much I remember (as in: word for word remember). It’s been at least 7ish years since I read that book, but I did read it many, many times before that. So yeah, Jurassic Park is awesome, and I really like dinosaurs.

Very loosely related, I’d like to build something… The R.C. Car thing was hella fun, and I used to make models, which were also quite fun. The problem is that things cost money. For example, I think making a Lego Star Destroyer would be awesome (3104 pieces!) But purchasing a $300 Lego Set would not be a wise move. I was looking at different dinosaur kits I could make (skeletons or models), but… um… I’m no longer 12 years old. Another idea was to build a large ship of some sort… like the Cutty Sark. Then there’s always the idea of trying to build a model of Wrigley.. but there are no kits, so I’d need to do it from scratch.. which means that it would suck and I’d throw it away. So anyone have any ideas? or.. who wants to buy me a Lego Star Destroyer?

We went bowling last night. I bowled a 180, 174, and a 172. I can say with a great deal of confidence that that adds up to 526.

One thought on “New and Improved!

  1. Ron, I too have tried to think of things to build. Building a plane would be really neat, but also very expensive. You could always build a skeleton – All you’d need to buy is glue, a shovel, and a crowbar (and black clothes).

    If you want something to do, that would be somewhat inexpensive, with an unlimited number of projects to do, and also make Mark VA very happy, you could get a fly-tying kit. (You could also make money tying flies – stores WILL buy them.) I’ve considered it, but I don’t have the patience of the dexterity in my fingers anymore.

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