3. Hole – Celebrity Skin

Hole Celebrity Skin 3. Hole – Celebrity Skin

Hole was on the last list. Right around the time I finished doing that list, I started listening to this album a lot… like every day at work for weeks. This album has a few things going for it that work well on me. First are the things it retains from the other album, which I’ve already shown that I like:

  • It’s angry chick rock. I like that.
  • The song lyrics actually say something, beyond “Love is great” and “I like sex/drugs/rock”

But now it has a few other things going for it:

  • The songs are varied. (i.e. it’s not all screaming over basic rock riffs
  • The entire album is very, very polished.

Some people may have a negative view on bands having a producer come in and tweak the band’s performance to get the best sound out of them. Maybe some people think this changes who the band is, or alters them in such a way that is no longer “true” or whatever… but I tend not to, and here’s one example where I think it really helped. These songs all sound very well done, very professional, and, I dunno “tight”. The previous album had a bit of an edge that you could call “Raw” and for that album, and those songs, it really worked. This album was different.. the songs called for a cleaner voice that, well, you’re not going to get if you throw Courtney Love into a booth by herself and tell her to make an album. (listen to American Sweetheart). But you get a Billy Corgan in there, and you take good songs, and make them great.

Personal favorites on this album:

  • Boys on the Radio
  • Awful
  • Heaven Tonight
  • Use Once and Destroy
  • Reasons to be Beautiful
  • Malibu

And some lyrics that I saved:

    ‘Love hangs herself with the bedsheets in her cell.’ – Reasons to be Beautiful

  • ‘And now I know that love is dead.’ – Dying
  • ‘I know that you don’t love me anymore’ – Boys on the Radio
  • ‘Give me a reason to be beautiful.’ – Reasons to be Beautiful
  • ‘It might as well hurt’ – Use Once and Destroy
  • ‘Love hates you.’ – Reasons to be Beautiful

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