2. Guster – Keep It Together

Keep It Together 2. Guster – Keep It Together

Guster! This album was fairly new when I made the old list, so I couldn’t add it. Now I can. As for where I’d put it on my list of Guster Albums, I’d keep Lost and Gone Forever first, put this one second, Goldfly third, and finally Parachute. As for songs on this album, I especially like : Careful, Jesus on the Radio, Ramona, Come Downstairs and Say Hello, Diane, Amsterdam, Two at a Time, Long Way Down, and I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today. I also really like Red Oyster Cult, Keep It Together, and Homecoming King… for those of you counting, that means I didn’t like “Backyard” that much, but loved the rest of the album. If you haven’t listened to Guster yet.. well, you have to.. unless you hate music… or hate joy.

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  1. I don’t like “Red Oyster Cult” all that much, and normally skip it while listening to this as well as Guster On Ice. CDaSH is one of the best things they’ve written, and I love Homecoming King and Jesus on the Radio.

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