I fought the law, and I won!

Here is a story for you. It took place last Saturday. I was on my way over to Joel‘s place to play cards with Joel, Leslie, and Tuuk. First I swung by McDonalds to grab some food, and then proceeded down Fuller. While I’m chomping down on some fries, I get to Lake Dr… wait at the light a bit, then turn left onto Lake. That’s when the lights and flashers flicked on in my rearview, and I had to pull over. Sigh. At this point, I assume my tail light is out, as I couldn’t really think of anything I was doing wrong… unless eating fries while driving is a crime now (I was seriously considering this to be the case.). So I pull over, and wait for John Law.

John Law : License, registration, and proof of insurance.
Me : thinking: Odd that he didn’t ask if I knew why he pulled me over.
[I grab for my glove box, and find about 8 different proof of insurance forms, and hand the most recent one, along with my driver’s license, to John Law… I begin searching through the rest of the insurance forms and bank envelopes for my registration… I can not find it.] [A minute passes, I am still searching.]

John Law : You keep searching for that, I’m going to head back to my car to check on this.
Me : Okay.

[I still don’t quite know why I’ve been pulled over. I’m still banking on Tail light though. I continue to search for my registration, but soon realize that it is not here. My only thought: perhaps when I had to fill out all the information for ending my lease, and starting the purchase of my car, I needed to fax that information in, or something, and left it in my room.] The cop returns.

John Law : Alright. The reason I pulled you over is that we had you doing 45 in a 25 back there. Also, your tags on your plate have expired.
Me : [looks at him a bit quizzically] Um.. Doesn’t that usually expire on your birthday?
John Law : Yeah. It expired last month. 10-27-04 er.. 05.
Me : Hrm. No, that’d be this month.
John Law : No, They expired last month.
Me : No, That’s this month. It’s 10 now.

John Law : [looks confused] It’s–
Me : It’s October.. this month.
John Law : [Stares at me, rather confused.]

A very awkward minute or two passes, with him standing by my car, looking mainly at me, and occasionally at the ticket he’s already written up for me.

John Law : Okay, I screwed up. Have a good day.
Me : Alright. Thanks.
John Law : Keep it slow around here.
Me : Sure… Um, since I have you here.. Any idea if–I had to send in information for switching this from a lease to a buy recently, and I can’t find my registration.. Do you know if you have to send that in when you’re doing something like that?
John Law : Um.. yeah, I don’t know.. You can get a citation for that too.
Me : Yeah, that’s what I figured, so I wanted to ask. Can I go get a new one?
John Law : Yeah, when you renew your plate you’ll get a new one.
Me : Alright, good. Thanks.
John Law : Yeah. Watch your speed around here.

I left, and pulled up to Joel’s place. The only parking spot I saw open was where I usually parked, just behind the “No Parking” sign. I pulled up, and then thought: If that cop follows me, he’ll pull me over, and ask for my registration, then give me that stupid ticket. I’m not parking here. So I pulled out, and looked, and decided to park in the Post Office Parking Lot. I pulled in, and parked right by the “Post Office Employee parking only!” sign. Sigh.. Then I looked to my right, and there was a cop, hanging out in the parking lot. Curse you! So I’ve already parked.. what to do? I decided to pretend like I was looking for something. I popped the trunk, searched through there, then looked for my registration again [in vain]. Then another dude parked in the lot, and got out, and walked away, so I grabbed my bag, and decided to leave as well. Then the cop started to pull out, and for a second I thought he was going to say something to me, but instead, he just pulled away onto Lake.

Ron Wins!

7 thoughts on “I fought the law, and I won!

  1. So, you were doing 20 over and couldn’t think of anything you did wrong, or was the cop lying about the speed? I suspect they always make something up to let you get away with, and then you will not fight the ticket for fear of the other charge coming up… Perhaps this was the case with the speeding fine being let go?

    Ron is a winner!

  2. It seems possible that I was going that fast, but I’m fairly certain so was everyone else. Also, It doesn’t seem likely, as I was driving a bit slow in order to 1.) eat my fries 2.) Finish the chapter of the book I was listening to.
    I’m thinking the cop pulled me over for the tags.

  3. I have seen tickets now saying in the comment section that the “real clock” value was higher than the ticketed value, and a cop once told me that if I fought the ticket another charge would be added. Pretty ridiculous…

  4. I’ve parked in the Post Office lot with cops there before, and overnight. I don’t think they care as long as the Post Office isn’t open.

  5. dang it…how come i can’t get out of tickets when i’m driving to a friends house to play games…must be ’cause i’m not as ridiculously good-looking as you huh?

  6. I guess the trick, Jenny, is to be sure to point out the idiocy of the officer. That’s what I did. If nothing comes to mind, just keep calling the cop “Officer Fatty”.

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