Fox Baseball and Jim Edmonds

Okay, two things that have struck my mind many, many times, and I’m just going to write them, so that next time I can say “Like I said before”.. and sometime in the future I can say “it’s like I’ve always said [‘vocal harmonies are my kinda thing’]”. Anyway, here they are:

Fox Baseball

Fox Baseball is awful! The announcers are wretched (As in, I need to mute the TV and listen to the radio announcers. I am not exaggerating), the stupid crazy graphics and sounds effects are distracting and not at all helpful, and then we’ve still got this damn thing to deal with:

Sigh.. It all leads me to believe this: FOX does not think Baseball is interesting. Said another way: FOX Baseball is not for baseball fans. The plan goes a little something like this: FOX buys the post-season (League Championship series and World Series, anyway. Thankfully ESPN did a few of the best of 5 series games.) So FOX has a monopoly on post-season baseball. There is no competition from other stations… if you want to watch baseball, you’re watching FOX. As a result, Fox does not have to care about people who like baseball at all. There goal is now to get people who would not ordinarily watch baseball to watch this station. How do you do that? According to FOX, you do everything you can to cover the fact that a baseball game is going on. Talk about things not at all baseball related most of the time. Fill every free second with crazy animations, graphics, sound effects, and “special features” (Special Features –> A clever way for TV stations to show really poorly done commercials while the show is still on.) While the game is actually “happening” [Defined by FOX as “only when the ball is in the air.”] focus on the inconsequential, or hype something to make it “controversial”… I’ve never heard so many hindsight managers in my life. Let’s face it.. if these guys were REALLY as smart as they claim to be, they would be managing. They aren’t.. they’re just annoying.. and they just talk.. all the time…. about stupid things. So do us all a favor: Shut Up! Let the game do the talking. Tell us who is up, what they did last time they were up, and if you absolutely must, tell us the pitch count. Fox commentators.. You’ve lost your speaking privileges. I’d petition to get Bob Costas brought back to do games, but I’m pretty busy trying to get him made MLB Commissioner. I am not kidding. He’d be perfect. Oh yeah, also, having 4 people in the booth instead of 2 doesn’t make things better.. it makes them at least twice as bad… unless one of these guys is a mute axe murder.

Dear Fox:

Please hire a mute axe murderer to sit in the booth for the next few games.

That is all about FOX. In closing: FOX, you suck.

Jim Edmonds is not that good

Here’s the deal.. stop worshiping Jim Edmonds (I’m talking to you Gold Glove awarders and FOX commentators.) Want to know why he dives for so many balls? It’s because he’s slow. Turns out when you can’t run fast, routine fly balls become “spectacular diving catches.” Throw a Kenny Lofton out there, and he stands underneath the ball, waiting for it to come down.. but with Jim Edmonds suddenly it’s a Gold Glove quality catch… Hell, even Corey Patterson could have made it there in time to catch it with ease… he might biff it when the ball comes down, but at least he’s not diving for it. So stop pretending he’s fielding perfection in human form. He’s just a slow outfielder.

11 thoughts on “Fox Baseball and Jim Edmonds

  1. I haven’t paid enough attention to the Fox announcers to care, but I did notice right off in the Sox game that there was no DEATHLY ANNOYING man saying “He gone!”

  2. Total agreement on Fox, and I say this every year. McCarver must go, as must his butt-boy Buck. What’s amazing is if you Google McCarver’s name, you’ll invariably come up with complaint after complaint about him. And yet he still has a job.

    As for Edmonds — I have a sneaking suspicion that I like him just a little bit more than you do. I’d have to look at some more film to see if your accusations of slowness stick, but here are some stats for you. Lifetime fielding percentage: .990. Total regular season games played as a fielder: 1544. Total career errors: 43. Total non-infield assists: 110. Plus he’s been pretty good with the bat as well.

  3. Re: Edmonds. I don’t think they give you errors if you can’t even make it to the ball… Then it’s just a base hit. But if you make it to the ball, then miss the catch, you get an error. Edmonds can catch, he just can’t run. Call him a good fielder, if you’d like, but he reminds me of the little leaguer who is always slowly trotting to the ball until it’s almost out of reach, and then diving for it, hoping for the “spectacular catch”.

  4. Costas as MLB Commissioner…. that would be so aweseome. Selig is such a waste of time, it’s about time Costas and that hair took over. I’d vote for that.

    Oh yeah, and Fox really does suck.

  5. Ron – see, that’s how I feel about Andruw Jones. He’s given kudos aplenty for his fielding, but if the ball seems like it’s just out of reach, he’ll either make the spectacular diving catch, or just not bother, and let it drop a few feet in front of him. Andruw Jones is just not that good.

  6. jonathan: Plus, he’s on the Braves, so he eats babies.

    Mark H: I was under the impression that my site was required reading for all mass media emplyoees.

  7. here’s a somewhat dated article about OF fielding and real data:

    I guess the the main difficulty in judging fielding is ability to get to the ball. While Jones has tailed off a tad in recent years, he’s still able to get to the ball a lot more easily than edmonds. So people downgrade him ( or say Beltran ) because it looks like a routine catch. Edmonds might have to stretch out for it and make a tough grab.

    Oh, and I totally agree with Ron on fielding percentage–if you aren’t close to the ball ( ’cause you’re slow ) the scorer won’t give you an error. Thus, kind of a non-precise statistic.

    My current featured pet peeve with FOX announcers: statements like “the media’s been all over him” or “the media will be talking about this” and then having the announcers keep talking about it. Dammit Joe Buck, you *are* the media. Quit acting like it’s somebody else making a big deal out of issue A or B–it’s *you*.

    Also bizarre–the addition of Lou Pinella to the broadcast team. I’m sure more crappy baseball cliches will really spice up the broadcast.

    FOX == suck

  8. I agree with Jonathon. Edmonds fielding % is pretty good.. I dont see Patterson scaling the walls like Edmonds does.. You are right though he is not as fast as Patterson or Lofton hints why his stolen base numbers are not there or he doesnt bat lead off.. He does what he does to make a catch.

    AS for the animations its for the young kids that watch it.. They really enjoy it.. My niece and nephews enjoy it. Its a family sports they make it enjoyable for everyone. Just so you know Jeff Suppan does the voice!!

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