The Latest R.C. Car Update

It’s been a little while since I updated you on the R.C. Car progress, mainly because not much has been done in the last few weeks. We’ve been busy… Anyway, I added quite a few new pictures to that group, and we’re getting pretty close to the end now, I think. These photos here give a pretty good look at where we’re at, and what’s left to do:

The Three Shells before painting Lamborghini Shell Painted
The Mini with headlights masked The NSX masked with fade stickers

Pretty much, we’ve got them all masked (save for the roof/grill/bumper/wheel covers of the Mini, and the top/bottom division of the NSX. We need to grab some more paint.. some black for the second coat of the Lamborghini, and some blue and black for the Mini (we’re going to try a Metallic Blue, with a backcoat of black to darken it up a bit. I think it’ll look good.) After that, it’s decals and we’re done.

One thought on “The Latest R.C. Car Update

  1. Sounds like a lot of work to me… How’s guild wars going?

    We continue to be not dead and have yet to kill anybody yet. My birthday’s coming up so I’m assuming you’ll come for birthday dinner and of course games. :) Hope all is going well and you stop getting lost – ttfn

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