Bleacher Seats Rule!

Sven, Tim, Adam, and I went to the Cubs game last Friday for our second annual “We should go to a Cubs Game Every Year” celebration. I decided (and they agreed) that we should give the bleachers a shot, and so I found some good deals on Bleacher (General Admission) seats, and we showed up quite early to get a good spot… and man did we ever. We showed up in time to see Cubs’ Batting Practice, and got to sit in the front row, right on the brick wall, in Right Center field. It was Awesome! Here’s two pictures to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

Me at Wrigley Me at Wrigley

So yeah, we were close. It ruled. Now, a few quick stories:

Before we got inside, we had to walk around th ecorner to get to the special Bleacher Entrance, and while walking towards it, we met up with a group staring at the Eamus Catuli sign, and as we passed they asked us “Can anyone translate that for us? So I explained that sign, and the “AC” sign for them, and they were pleased and impressed. It’s great to learn, cause knowledge is power!

During Astros’ batting Practice, one of the coaches in the outfield was stopping/knocking down hits with a bat he was holding. A line drive went towards him, he held hsi bat out, and it snapped the bat right near the handle. It was quite funny. He then took the broken barrel, and stuck it in the ground, and set the handle on top to form a small cross.

So there we are right at the fence, and D. Lee comes up to bat in the first inning. I turn to Sven, and we both pretty much say at the same time “Wouldn’t it be sweet if he nailed one right to us?” Second later Lee belted one that bounced just short of the wall right below us that gave him a stand up double. It was awesome! At first it looked to be rather short, then for a split second I thought it might have enough to go yard, then it skipped up into the Ivy. D. Lee!

Every time Corey Patterson went up to bat (he batted 8th) he was booed. Then he committed a pretty awful error, and was booed quite a bit more. After striking out and grounding out, he did get a single, and was cheered.

You can’t bring your own alcohol into the stadium, and in the bleachers, they’ve got guys standing near the front to make sure no ones doing anything stupid, etc.. So this security type guy turns to the dude sitting behind us and says “Hey… can I see that water bottle you got there… the one that’s not condensing at all.” And the dude kinda feigned ignorance.. so the guy asked “Is that your water bottle? The dude said no. The guy says “Let me see that pop you’re drinking then. The dude pulls his cup away. The guy had had enough. “Alright, that’s it. Gime me the water bottle.. Uh huh, Vodka. Give me the pop. You, and your friend there, go. ” And he pointed to the back towards the exits. So they eventually left.. then I was surprised when they returned shortly afterwards.. sans their drinks. They proceeded to spend well over $50 dollars on beer throughout the game after that (Sven and I tried to keep a count.) Anyway, Trickery foil’D!!

Pictures are here

Cubs Win, Cubs Win!

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