Open Source Convention [Day 2]

Day 2

Woke up at 7:20, which was fine, as it was like 10:30 or 11:30 MI time, [which is when I normally wake up, zing!]. Luke and I hopped on the train, 2 stops over is the convention hall. I had none of the things it said I needed to register (Registration #, print off of purchase, ID, etc..) but none of that was needed. I needed to know how to spell my last name, that was it. I did okay, I got the first 4 letters right, and they let me in.

My morning session was Optimizing MySQL, which was really good. I was happy not to be the dumbest person in the room (I’d done multiple value inserts to avoid constant Index recreations, and I knew about EXPLAIN and SHOW and FULLTEXT indexing etc..) but was also ignorant of a number of things that this session helped explain and teach. So now I’m a mysql machine [and I’m really good at relationships!]

After the session, Luke and I took the train back to the hotel, dropped off the 15 pounds of crap they gave us at registration, then headed across the street to Quiznos, and ate there. I branched out and talked to strangers.. this guy was originally from Kalamazoo, and is now in Oregon. Everyone is from Michigan at some point, apparently [and then tries to get the hell out, apparently]. As we got back onto the train, Brian and Brian walked out of the very door we were trying to get in on. The odds of that seemed low, so that was kinda neat. Anyway, we got back to the Convention center, and I am now in the Getting Started with Eclipse tutorial. It’s a dealie you write Java code in, and it is supposed to take care of all the annoying little things like debugging and testing and dependencies and classes, etc.. SO I guess that’s pretty kewl.. What’s not kewl? Java. Ding, Ding. So I get what’s going on, and it seems fairly useful, but I don’t know enough about Java [nor do I care to] to get me really excited about it. If/[when] I do have to do some Java programming, then I’d likely want to use this Eclipse stuff to make the job easier. So that’s a plus.. it’s currently the break.. I just popped out and Brian and Brian were there, having just registered. I’m hoping I can convince them all to play cards or something this evening.

It is later. Last night we ended up having dinner in the Hotel, [ I received a number of phone calls indicating that we had won our first softball game of the 2nd season 10 – 9. W00t! Well done!]. We then sat around and talked for a while, [more phone calls] then headed up to Brian and Brian’s room [a number of more phone calls] and Brian and Brian got a wireless station set up with Tol’s Mac, a wired connection, and the Airport thinger on his mac.. so BCP could surf through that connection… he was pleased. We (Tol and I) taught Luke and BCP euchre, and we played (they [Luke and BCP] made fun of a number of things, because they are jerks. After cards, Luke and I headed off, failed trying to get onto any of the now 9 wireless networks my computer noticed. (MAC Addy allows and Keys for most, if not all of them.) Luke started reading, so I started reading Harry Potter 5! Amazing, no? I read about 75 pages and went to sleep.

Day 2 over!

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