Open Source Convention [Day 1]

[Update : I added pictures for OSCon [Portland] and more photos for the R.C. Cars ]

Day 1

I am currently in the Chicago Airport.. O’Hare for those of you who are already confused. The Flight from Grand Rapids to Chicago was uneventful, save for the one bright spot that was “i did not pass out”.. Not only that, but I felt only mild discomfort in the ear/head region for the entire flight. No unbearable pain.. no head explosion, no nothing.. I was very pleased. Uncertain if it was the nasal deconsomethingorother that I took 1 hour prior to flight time, or the fact that I wasn’t really paying attention to the whole “we’re flying” thing, and instead focused on my reading material the entire flight, or if God has simply ended my flight related punishment.. Whatever it is, I’m a fan, and hope that it remains for the rest of my life, and on into the next one. Wait.. what’s that?! Did you say “Reading Material” Ron? Surely you jest.. Well, um.. I believe they are called by those in “The Know” as “Graphic Novels”.. That’s right, I was reading comic books… Futurama comic books to be precise. They are excellent, and I’m glad I brought them.. I also brought Harry Potter 5, but the likelihood of me starting that is very low, as I’m currently close to halfway done with listening to The Count of Monte Cristo, which is absolutely fantastic, and I don’t want anything to confuse my memory/understanding of what’s going on in that book.. I brought the 2nd disc’s contents along on this trip as well (It spans 4 MP3 cds, which I had been listening to in my Car on the way to and from work.) So perhaps I’ll listen to more of that, or perhaps I’ll watch a few episodes from season 1 of Star Trek (the original series.. I brought all of season 1 along with me) Who knows..

They are boarding first class on the plane to Portland now… and Luke still doesn’t have a seat assigned to him.. this is going well. I suppose I’ll explain at some point what we’re doing and why we’re going to Portland… and that point is now. We’re going to Portland to attend the O’Reilly Open Source Conference. We’re going there [we thus far is Luke and myself.. to be joined on Monday by Brian (BCP) and Brian (Tol)] to be trained in all sorts of fun computer stuff like PHP and mysql and Java (b00!) etc.. Ack.. I think I might be boarding soon. More later… Ooh! Luke just got called to the desk.

We are now on the plane and finally in the air… all told that whole thing took at least an hour, maybe more… It’s now 10 pm.. and it was supposed to take off at 7:55 Chicago time, so that’d mean we’re around an hour late, eh? Yeah, sounds about right. Anyway, here’s some fun happenings.. So they got us on the plane, and then there were some delays because they had to get their monthly map/computer update thinger taken care of.. no biggie.. then there were more delays because the baggage sorting system at O’Hare was Fubar’d so they had to do all the sorting by hand, which obviously means hella slow… So the pilot was talking about how they had a special surprise for us… instead of the normal 1 movie we’d see on the flight, we were going to be show 2!! Woo, I guess. So they said in order to get both of them done on time, they had to start one of them right away.. So they started Madagascar. okay, not horrible. I’d watch that. So they started it up… but we got no sound.. so they restarted it… No sound… So they restarted it… No sound…. So they restarted it. I’m not kidding… Each time it took like at least 5 minutes. [The jerk in front of me just slammed the seat back, and almost broke this computer.. it is now lodged in my stomach.] Okay, so finally they said “We’re gonna try to play the 2nd movie, and see if we can get the sound working”.. the 2nd movie will be [wait for it..] “Monster in Law”. Imagine the worst movie in the world, then [if it wasn’t already part of the equation] add Jennifer Lopez!

We officially have the dizzies!! I’m starting to pass out! I can now hear my heart beating in my ears.. Seriously, not kewl. Oh, wow.. this is new.. sharp pain in the temple. I am going to be sick. Shutting this machine down so I don’t puke on it.. Also, Monster in Law is on.. and it is awful..

It’s tomorrow, so I’ll quick close this day out. I shut the computer, sat back, and felt really dizzy and had cold sweats for about 2 minutes, then my ears popped and I felt slightly better.. I took turns between watching “Monster in Law” and just listening with my eyes closed. That movie was wretched, wretched, wretched.. but on a bright note, it signals the death of JLo’s already sickly career. Woo! RIP! Shortly after that movie, they started Madagascar [with sound!], and i started watching that, and instantly fell asleep.. and woke up to “Love or Something Like It” which was also Awful.. wow, was it bad. So that lasted until we landed. Luke and I got my suitcase from baggage claim, purchased tickets for the light rail, and then took that train to our hotel. On the way, this gruff looking guy got on, and asked me where I was from.

Gruff Guy : Where you in from?
Me : Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Gruff Guy : Oh yeah, I lived there.. On Division Street.. over by that Smokehouse grill place. Yeah, I lived there.
Me : Oh yeah? Nice.
Gruff Guy : Yeah.. I gotta move away from this lady I’m living with now…She’s crazy.
Me : Oh yeah?
Gruff Guy : Yeah, talking to the refrigerator and things like that.
Me : Seems like the kinda thing you’d want to get away from.
Gruff Guy : Where you staying?
Me : Um.. the Doubletree Hotel.
Gruff Guy : Oh, yeah, that’s a nice place.. they’ll give you warm cookies and milk at night… They call it the Doublecookie.
Me : [I look at him somewhat doubtfully.]
Gruff Guy : Seriously.. Warm Cookies and Milk.

He eventually left, and wished me a good trip, and I wished him good luck… and Luke and I made it to the Hotel, checked in with no problem, and the desk dude handed us Warm Chocolate Chip cookies… (no milk, sadly, but still, “score”). We got to our room, tried to get Internet working (No love), and then went to sleep. Day 1 Over!

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  1. that part with the delay because of the plane monthly update? that map / computer update is the stuff i work on.

    every 28 days every plane in the world needs to get a new database that tells it what’s out there. obvious updates would be things such as a runway being closed for construction–don’t want to fly into that one. also, common updates are for more efficient flying and resurveying of various places.

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