Brain Quiz #26

This one took me a long while, and I eventually wrote a program to solve it [which in and of itself was very fun… until Rachel just sat down and figured it out before my program was able to]. The rules of this one are fairly simple. You have 9 tiles, and on each of these square tiles are 4 colored shapes (one for each side). There are two shapes: Squares and Circles. There are 4 colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Green. Here’s what you need to do: Arrange these 9 tiles in a square (3 x 3 grid) so that:

  • Each Square is matched with a Circle.
  • Each Color is matched with the same color.

As an example: You can see that currently Tile 4 and Tile 5 work, as the red circle, matches with the Red Square. So too with 5 and 6. 6 and 8 do not work, as they are both squares, and 7 and 9 don’t work, as the color is incorrect.

You can rotate the tiles however you’d like, and order them however you’d like, but it has to be a 3 x 3 grid, and you can’t reuse the tile, or omit one. Printing this dealie out and cutting out the cubes and playing around with them would be a good way to pass the boring workday, don’t you think? 25 Points for this one, and 10 point bonus for each additional solution you might find. So far, I’m aware of one solution, but there may be many.

Here are the tiles:

Tile Grid

If you happen to write a program to figure this out, I’d be interested to hear how you did it. My program used a ton of recursion, and before tweaks would’ve taken about 2 years on this machine to complete. After tweaks, I got it down to about 20 days. It would’ve taken Adam’s sexy new machine much, much less than that.

Difficulty Rating: 25

One thought on “Brain Quiz #26

  1. I was supposed to be working… :)
    Tile order:
    1 8 5
    3 4 7
    9 6 2

    1 – blue circle up
    8 – blue square up
    5 – blue circle up
    3 – green circle up
    4 – green circle up
    7 – green square up
    9 – blue square up
    6 – blue circle up
    2 – black square up

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