R.C. Car Update

[Update: A bit more work has been done, and more pictures have been added to keep you up to date. Rachel has almost finished all assembly, save for attaching the tires, and is ready to move on to body work and painting.. and I just need to make the shocks, and add a number of misc. protection parts, and then I’m ready to make/attach tires as well. The joy of throwing batteries into the thing, and turning on that controller and turning the wheel, and seeing your car actually respond is hard to describe. For something so simplistic, it really does feel like magic.]

Work has begun on our R.C. Cars, and as expected, it’s hella-fun. Rachel has made quite a bit of progress on her Mini, while my Raybrig NSX 2000 is slowly but surely coming along. I’ve put the next batch of pictures up, and you should check them out, as I crave attention.

parts parts
mini shocks servo wiring

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