Phantastic Fotomosaics

So for a while now (remember this?) I’ve been looking into how to make something kewl using a number of smaller parts. I had, back in the day, made a wallpaper I was fond of using Nine Inch Nails lyrics. But this time I wanted to use just photos, like a photomosaic So I started looking for some software that could help me out, and I’ve found a few, including one linux command line version that thus far has worked pretty swell for me (metapixel). So I thought I’d show you my intial trial of it.

For these things you really need a lot of photos to make these things work well, so I decided to put together all of my Europe (Italy, France, UK, and Ireland) photos, and then pick a good photo from one of those trips to test it out. You’ll remember this shot Joel took that I really liked… well this will be the photo I want to recreate:

Me Hunched Over

So after collecting all the europe photos together into a directory, I ran the thing a number of times, altering some settings until I got a result I was impressed with. Here is a closeup of the final result at full size. This section contains my head.

detailed shot

And here we have the full photo (Scaled down of course. I have a big version, and a giant version to check out.. the actual image is twice the size of the giant image, and you’re not going to wait for it to download…

photomosaic me

5 thoughts on “Phantastic Fotomosaics

  1. Wow, that is sweet.
    But I am also quite disturbed by the heart one.
    I am almost more disturbed by the fact that you put a link to it as though you were not truly ashamed.

  2. You can set a “cheat” option to allow it to alter the picture, by percentage. Set at 0, and no cheating is done… keep it below 25 or so, and you don’t notice it until close inspection, and it smooths the image out quite a bit.

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