Brain Quiz #24

What’s the smallest number of pitches possible for a pitcher to pitch, and still pitch a complete game. (Not counting games shortened by weather or other non-game related situations).

Difficulty Rating: 12

17 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #24

  1. Wouldn’t it be 27? One pitch for each batter?

    3 batters per inning
    9 innings.

    3 x 9 = 27.

    I’m trying to think of ways that he could get more outs per pitch, but in order for a double play to happen he’d still have to pitch something for someone to get on base.

  2. 25 pitches

    visiting pitcher gets first 24 batters out on one pitch–24 pitches so far. home team has yet to score. in bottom of ninth first batter hits first pitch for a homer–25 pitches total.

  3. 25. He’s the losing, visiting pitcher in a 0-1 game against the home team. Each batter grounds or flies out in 8 innings (24 pitches), then in the bottom of the 9th the first batter hits a walkoff homerun to win the game.

    (I’m assuming there is some way that a batter can get on base without a pitch being thrown, but I can’t think of one.)

  4. 27….3 per inning for 9 innings.
    (but only in the perfect game, for the pitcher’s team anyway)
    Or…I believe softball only has 7 innings, thus it would be 21.

  5. 27, each pitch is hit and each person got out… Unless you count the mercy rule, then it would be 3 pitches, and when your team is batting they get enough runs to mercy the other team

  6. So, I’m not sure what the rules are for majors, but if there is one person short, everytime that person is suppose to bat, they call him out. That would drop it down to 24 pitches.

    perhaps you should just email me the answer so I can try to get work done.

  7. 24 (everyone hits the first pitch, but gets caught or thrown out, and they don’t play the bottom of the 9th because they’re ahead)

  8. 25. The pitcher must be on the visiting team, and get every player out with one pitch, except for 1, which must score (either on a homerun, or stealing/errors). As they are losing, the bottom of the 9th is not played.

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