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Now I know you kids all have many questions about this subject and that thing, and are wondering where you can find the answers. Sure, you could ask the experts what they think, or perhaps someone who has bothered to do some research in that particular field. Why bother with all of that? Everyone knows that it’s just a waste of time! Read on and see how all the answers you could ever want are now yours at the simple press of a button! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Not with the extraordinary Answerball!

Go on over to the undeniable, unquestionable authority on everything: Answerball! Ever have a question you just don’t think could ever be answered? Now a simple click, and Answerball will return the correct and unquestionable answer to your question in no time.

Evidently you aren’t convinced, since you’re still reading this. Some people don’t know if you can trust the answerball, but would prefer asking a so called “expert”. I seem to recall when these so called “experts” said that eggs were good for you, then they said eggs were bad for you, then parts of eggs were good, but other parts were bad!? Seriously, if these “experts” can’t even agree on eggs, how can you trust them with your really important questions? Indeed, how many times on the news have you heard of a new discovery that “scientists” found that completely invalidated everything they’ve stated as fact before? Seems like almost every day, doesn’t it?! Answerball is unchanging, unwavering, and undeniable.

While those “experts” have tried to disprove Answerball time and time again, not a single one has been able to. Few dare even try now! Unfortunately for them, almost all of these same scientist “experts” now doubt the claims made by their own profession. Listen: put your trust in Answerball!, because everyone else is lying to you.

2 thoughts on “Answerball!

  1. I asked it if i would ever make an optocoupler and the answer ball said, “Your science professor lied to you”. What does this mean? Is there no such thing as an optocoupler? please help…

  2. Dave: You seem to be questioning the Answerball. You asked it a question, and it gave you the answer. Now simply believe the answer!

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