Return of the Bluths!

Reason to be happy today:

Good news for fans of top-notch dysfunctional-family comedy: The Bluths are coming back. Fox announced on Monday that it has renewed the low-rated but critically beloved “Arrested Development” for a third season. This calls for a celebration — frozen bananas for everyone!


8 thoughts on “Return of the Bluths!

  1. Wow. Three cheers for lack of viable alternatives, I guess. Not that it isn’t worthy, but it certainly seems like they would have preferred to have something else.

    I’m so-so on the show. Sometimes it’s hilarious, other times I think it doesn’t work as well. The whole thing has that off-balance feel that I think cuts both ways–increases the hilarity when it’s working and makes it somewhat off-putting when it’s not.

  2. This is Fox… they would have preferred “That 90’s Show” or a new reality show about cannibalism. Having cancelled so many good shows already, I for one am glad this one wasn’t axed.

    I can kind of understand the problem.. it is a show that you need to have started at the ground floor with, or a lot of the jokes don’t make sense… that having been said, if you did watch from the beginning, each episode just builds on the ones before it, each joke being amplified by all that was laid down before it to get you to that place. It’s like Math! … in joke form.

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