Notes from all over.

A few things to note:

It would appear that the The Cubs listened to me, finally. Not only did they get/decide on a closer [who is not LaTroy Hawkins (I’m pushing for the nickname “Heartbreak Hawkins”… It works better than the nickname I currently use, which I dare not post here, in case more relatives discover this little site.)]. On top of that, the first time they were going to use him in his new role, they instead let their starter go the full game, and they finally won a game. Amazing!

I beat Star Wars: Jedi Academy [Jedi Knight III] the other day. This game, like a number of Star Wars games, allows you to guide your character towards the light side, or the dark side, and the game changes quite a bit towards the end based on your decision. Not surprisingly, I opted to kill all the humans, and soon was consumed by the dark side. (Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.) I had been warned on a number of occasions by Luke Skywalker himself that I seemed too consumed by anger and power.. Well, he was right. Anyway, the nice part was that I was then free to kill the annoying people that you [up until that point] had to protect, and listen to as though you cared what they said, etc.. I also grew rather fond of some of the dark powers (like Force Drain, where you steal other people’s life energy, and increase your own health in the process, and force grip, the snazzy Vader like choking power.. which you can also use to just hold people in the air, use as a shield against incoming fire, then slam into the wall three or four times before dropping down one of the many bottomless pits that appear everywhere in Star Wars architecture. ) What I noticed as I neared the end was just how much my character’s “evilness” had affected the way I played the game. I was no longer satisfied with beating people, I had to punish them… [at any point you can begin to question whether this is game related, or simply another manifestation of my own personal evil] I’d seek out particularly painful looking areas (giant pits, fires, large rotating fans, giant crushing or smashing machines, etc..) and then find people to destroy there. I was getting pretty in to it, too. When I had finally beaten the game (and destroyed my old master, which I think was my favorite part of the game) I went through and played the game as a “good” person.. and I was much less into it. I still got to kill things, but I had to let some people live… what fun is that? So all of this to say: If I could use the force, I bet Carrottop would go into hiding.

We were watching The Empire Strikes Back yesterday, and midway through it Rachel told me that she’d never seen this movie before.

I was driving in to work today, and when I got off the highway, I saw the moon in the sky,and it was really bright and big. So I was staring up at it, marveling at its brightness, when a cloud moved out of the way, and I was blinded… because I was staring at the sun.

Remember this brace that I got? Guess how much insurance told me they had to pay for it. I was surprised.

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  1. Oh, the same way that certain pharmacuticals cost a ton of money. A massive amount of time, energy, money, and research goes into making even the most simple of devices. They have to test and retest making sure that undue stress isn’t placed on the joint or any of the points where the brace is placed. The fact that functionality and simplicity must both be key factory plays a role…

    Oh, and insurance likes to move the decimal over on just about anything since they REEEEEEALLY like your money.

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