My Second Letter


This is the second letter I am sending to you in the past 2 weeks. I am forced to believe my last letter (postmarked April 23, 2005) was either ignored, or lost. Perhaps you never even received it. I don’t know. I pointed out some troubling behavior I hoped to have corrected before it became unmanageable. Despite some promising alterations made just after my letter was sent (which resulted in some noticeable improvements, I might add) on the whole, my suggestions seemed to have been completely disregarded. The troubling behavior continues, with disastrous results. I send to you this second letter on the heels of yet another painful loss, the result of sending in LaTroy Hawkins to close the game. Do you not remember my words? “Do not put in LaTroy Hawkins. He’s a setup man, not a closer.” I was saying that for your benefit, not mine. If this relationship is going to work, you’re going to have to trust me. I want to be there for you, but it just hurts too much… I try to remember the good times…

I hope this letter reaches you in time. I know some feelings are hurt.. you did some things you must regret now… But I’m willing to work through things with you.. show me that you are too. I’ll be waiting.


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