Execute Order Sixty-Six.

Wow. Lest you wonder: Star Wars Episode III was very, very good. The 12:01 showing was another fun event.. lots of people dressed up (A bearded man dressed as Queen Amidala won the “best dressed” contest.) Lots of standing around, then Star Wars trivia, and a spectacularly lame Karate demonstration passed the time (only a few hours for me, more for others [Thanks guys!]) before the show. I guess I won’t bother spoiling anything, but I will say it was very, very good, and even better then second time. Lucas managed to redeem himself a number of times, while still proving he has no idea how to write romantic dialog. Well done, George!

5 thoughts on “Execute Order Sixty-Six.

  1. Yeah, I would like to chime in with another diss for Ron’s romantic skillz, although he watches more rom coms then most single guys I know… hmmmm…

  2. Dino: See http://www.squarehalo.org for a person that watches more romcoms and any person on the planet. Rusty is a dense, dusty planet populated almost entirely by Romantic Comedy memories.

    Also: I recently saw two seagulls doing it.

    Finally: Saw Star Wars ep III tonight. It was good.

  3. Also, this just in: Rusty was not responsible for my missing Love Actually DVD. It has been returned, and there was much rejoicing.

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