The Gift of Charming

It is currently late, and I am not tired at all, so I will tell you a few things.

First off, We had our softball practice on Wednesday. It was quite fun. It was my first time on cleats since the accident, and so I was a little nervous about that, but all went well. Of the part of my body that were sore or injured afterwards, in order of severity, my knee didn’t rank any higher than 4th… A bouncer off my ankle, a bad hop off my side/back, and a weird wrist soreness easily outdid it. The only real knee related problem I had was that I couldn’t jump. A number of times my brain sent the “jump” message, but somewhere between brain and legs, it got changed to “grunt disappointedly, and remain connected to the ground. I will have to find some exercises to fix up that problem. Our first game is next Wednesday. I am excited.

The game I’ve been super into the last few weeks is Lego Star Wars. The word I’ve been using to describe it is “charming”. (Charming –> Containing that rare quality that allows something to be thoroughly enjoyed by both adults (without embarrassment) and children, without any real objectionable material,.). It is just plain fun, and surprisingly well done. It takes place over Episodes I, II, and III, and treats each movie quite faithfully, with only minor changes made to make the game interactive (rather than just watching things happen.) Having completed the entire game, and unlocked all that is to be unlocked, I now have high hopes for an additional release of the Classic Trilogy, and wish for only a small change: that the game be longer, so I’m not finished with this fine adventure well before I wish to be. It’s a wonderful 2 player game for anyone who likes Star Wars, by the way. Certainly not complicated.. just very fun.. and charming.

I watched Hackers the other day. It was the first time I had seen the whole thing. Wow, that movie is awful. Hack the Planet!!

I’ve decided I need to rearrange my room again. I’m still not quite pleased with it. Quite obviously, this will require me to either learn Java, or break out the CAD again.

Seriously, you have my Love Actually DVD. Why not just give it back?

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