My Tire Asplode!

The last few weeks have been (Interesting –> More often then not, “interesting” means bad. E.g. That’s an “interesting” answer/outfit/haircut/smell. Occasionally, interesting can mean entertaining or weird. E.g. Playing tennis with Robb was “interesting“.) It started few weeks ago when I got a mild cold that quickly changed into a really painful earache. Remember the beginning of Wrath of Khan when they had those ear bugs that went into people’s [e.g. Chekhov] ear, and make them go insane? I’m assuming it was just like that… So it hurt.. a . I took a bunch of pills, which is something new, because I hate pills (except vicodin and codeine) because they do nothing… and as expected, the pills did nothing. So after a couple of rather miserable days of that, I suddenly lost all energy. It was around last weekend, and for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I didn’t venture much past my bed, and the couch in the living room… and my exercise bike, because I’m a gamer. [This just in: Cubs win! Cubs win!] So by Monday, I was feeling as close to death as you can get while still being alive.. and so I took some different pills when I got to work, and they made me kinda forget what was going on for a while.. not just with the sickness, but with pretty much everything. And by Tuesday evening, I was feeling a good deal better. [This just in: Tiger Woods is very good at golf.]. So that was the sickness portion of the last few weeks. Next was work, which was frustrating.. Lot’s of little frustrating things that kept cropping up, so I could never get to the things I had to get done, in order to work on the other things I needed to get done, so that I could finally work on the things I wanted to get done. In other words, I have a job.

Wednesday was the final time to show up for the Softball meeting. The softball meeting is where we sign up to play softball, learn all the new (read: exact same) rules, etc. Background: I’d been having some problems with my car, where the tires were going flat. So a few days ago I filled the front tire a bit, and since then the car has been wobbling/shaking a bit at higher speeds, and it really annoyed me, so when I got out to go to the softball meeting, I checked the tires, and the driver side rear tire was quite low/flat. So I drove across the street to the gas station, and began to fill it. I filled it a little bit, and then it started to make a really odd noise. So I stopped filling it, and looked at it for a while. it still looked fairly flat… but it was still making the noise. It was like running your hand along an inflated balloon. Anyway, so I sat there, my head maybe a foot away from this tire, listening to it make that strange noise.. thinking “Hrm.. that doesn’t seem like the kind o


I just sort of stood there for a while, trying to determine if I was deaf. I couldn’t hear anything.. and then I realized that there was nothing going on. No movement, no wind, no anything. After about 30 seconds of me standing there.. finally a person walked by, and I heard her footsteps… and I thought “Oh, good. I’m not deaf.” Well, I didn’t make it to the softball meeting, but I’m told I’m still on the team so that’s good. Swac showed up (he was going to drive me to the meeting, until I was told I didn’t have to come.) and we changed the tire to the spare… and the next day Mark V.A. got me all set with 2 new tires (The driver’s side front was showing some problems as well. Story over!

Flava Flav, what in the world do you see in Brigitte Nielsen? I mean, you’re not exactly normal, but she… She’s insane.

Played some more basketball withJplant, his brother, Eric, and Swac. That was very fun, and no knee-related problems.

TAG body spray: Your commercials are awful. It takes skill to make AXE body spray commercials seems mildly classy. In short, you should be ashamed of yourself, and I hope you go out of business.

I’m going to try to read a book!!! I have 3 that I ought to have read by now (Franny and Zooey, Harry Potter 5, and The Bourne Identity), but knowing me, I’ll read the Hitchhikers Guide series again instead.

5 thoughts on “My Tire Asplode!

  1. Having a tire explode while I’m examining it is really one of my life’s greatest fears. I grit my teeth every time I get down to look at a bad tire that’s full of air.

  2. I once had a tire asplode while I was driving on the highway.

    It was like in the movies. A wobbly feeling and sound, and then later, I stopped.

    Best part: The spare tire (for the tercel, t’was a donut) was under about 55% of my worldly possessions, in the trunk. Thanks to large trucks, I had to run down the side of the highway getting things like paper and clothing.

    Then at the store getting a new tire (Council Bluffs, Iowa) they almost replaced the wrong tire.

  3. I’ve replaced two tires in the last week — both on separate occasions, and both courtesy of the good people at Tire Wholesalers fifty feet away from GCI.

    Both tires had very large bulges in the side walls facing away from the car. Originally, I just drove it to the back, had a guy come out to take a look at it, and he confirmed: “Uh, yep. You need a new tire.”

    That was last week. This morning, I noticed another bulge in the other front tire and took it back to TW today. I drove to work this morning nervous that at any moment I would hear it blow while I was doing 70 on I-96. And I hate changing tires.

    The books you mention are quite good, and I really need to get back on track. I thought I’d get some Sedaris or Vowell, but I, like you, will probably just end up reading HGTTG as well. The newest trailer (at is fantastic.

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