[ UPDATE: I’ve added pictures of the game!]

First off, my screen is doing very weird things. Before, it was just flickering, but now it’s jumping, scrolling like mad, and jumping and garbling itself. Isn’t that awesome? Right, not so much. Now this is my work machine, and it’s fairly new (as in, like January 1ish) so it being broken is not all that good.. and considering my problems with machines, Laptops in particular, I was not pleased. Anyway, some dude is coming tomorrow to give me a new screen. Warranties are nice. I told you all that for no reason.

Now for the story. A while back, We decided (We started with me and BDF, but it quickly spread to be more people) that we ought to get Cubs tickets early in the season, when tickets are still gettable. With some searching and schedule comparing, and we found that the Cubs vs. Padres series (April 11-13) would work best. Some Ebaying and Web searching, and we ended up with 12 tickets (a group of 6 and another group of 6) for the April 13th game. And there was much rejoicing.

On April 12th, it rained in Chicago. The game was canceled, and rescheduled for the 2nd part of a double header on the 13th. Mark VA called me to let me know. I was in a meeting at the time, and I was overjoyed. I believe I may have even smiled.

We were now set to go to a double header.. to see Wood and Prior pitch. I believe I referred to it as “the greatest little bit of serendipity to ever happen to me.” I was excited.

Tuesday night.. the day before the game. I’m headed out to Kristin‘s place for dinner, Scrubs, and the Office. I get a phone call… the tickets are gone.

For the next half hour I wavered between believing this was a joke [a sick, evil joke], or believing I was simply being punished for getting excited about something. [I have this belief that if ever I announce my excitement about something.. genuine excitement.. It will somehow be ruined.. because life is mean, and gets its power by drinking good people’s tears… the tears of unfathomable sadness. That’s a whole post in and of itself… and I don’t have time for it now.. plus it’ll prolly freak you out and make you all like me less]. Anyway, after another phone call, it was pretty much official: Whether by theft or just misplacement, the tickets were gone, and were not likely to come back. I then took about the task of calling up everyone, and letting them know we didn’t have tickets, and weren’t going. Soon thereafter, it was decided that if we could find more tickets, everyone was still interested in going… Woot.

After much work online by BDF, and a small bit by me later on (Tuesday night, Pickwick Night…) we found a few leads on new tickets.. but most would require getting a hold of people the next morning… so we just decided we’d go, and at the very least, we could get a few at the door from scalpers in order to get everyone in. Well we won 1 ebay bid for 4 tickets, and could get 2 more from Lucas out in Chicago. So we only need 6 more. We’re doing okay.

We all met up at my parking lot the next morning. (And I played a joke on Brian Melles that he totally fell for, and it was funny. Zing!) We headed out around 8:15-8:30ish, and about an hour later I talked to BDF a bit on the phone, and eventually get got us set with a broker in Chicago with 6 tickets… so I called that place, bought the tickets, and after some more complications with confirmation emails and all that jazz, we were set with 12 tickets. Huzzah!!

We got the 2 tickets from Lucas’ place, then walked the mile towards Wrigley. On the way, I got a call from BDF, and he had gotten the 4 tickets [Ebay] and was on his way to the other place to get the 6 tickets. Woot. We met up at the Stadium, and we all headed in. I should mention at this point that it was cold.

We got to our seats (We == Me, Rachel, Joel, Leslie, Mark VA, Mark H, Tuuk, Brian Melles, Morgan,Jplant, Mary, and BDF). It was cold. Very cold. The first game started out with a bang.. and by “bang” I mean Kerry wood got knocked around. First batter hit a homer, and by the end of the 1st, we were down 4-0. Suck. The game continued, and as there were seats open, we were able to sit in 2 groups… until some people got so cold they moved back up to the upper deck where it was warmer. The game continued. It was very cold.. the Cubs weren’t hitting.. they really couldn’t get anything together… and the game ended.. Cubs lose 8-3. At this point a number of people took off, as they were too cold. The rest of us (BDF, Joel, Mark VA,Jplant, Brian Melles, Rachel, Leslie, Morgan, and myself) sat together between home and third, about even with the pitcher’s mound. (Section 218 Row 9 I think). This game was far better. Prior was on fire, and the Cubs were stringing hits together… It was still rather cold, but we were doing okay. That game was a ton of fun to watch. Cubs won 8-3. You hear that? Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

So with the game over, We took off. BDF needed me to drive his Jeep back to Michigan for him, to assist him in his upcoming move. So we walked to his house (BDF, Rachel, and I) and got to his Jeep, got directions, and were all set.

Rachel and I headed out.. and were doing fine, but then I missed one of the streets, so i had to turn around.. I saw a parking lot a little ways before an intersection, so I put on the blinker, and waited for traffic to clear, then started to turn…

I don’t know where you’re from, but where I come from, we drive on the right side of the road… this important life lesson was apparently not yet learned by the lady driving down the wrong side of the road. Anyway, I nailed the breaks in time to see this girl in a small red car hit the driver’s side fender with her passenger’s side of her car. I continued on into the parking lot, got out, looked to see what damage was done (paint scrapes and a little bit of the hub cap was chipped out.), I then headed towards the lady, in time to see her get back into her car, and start up the car, and turn the corner. Assuming she was heading to find a place to park, I followed her, walking at first, but as she past an obvious stopping place, I sped up the pace. She got stopped at a stop light just around the corner, and I ran towards her, while quickly getting a view of her license plate. Then the light turned green, and she was gone. Adios… idiot.

So I called BDF, let him know what was up.. then called the cops, who told me I had to fill out a police report at the station. Then I called BDF for directions to the police station… and then Rachel and I headed to the police station, and gave them the information… and they hooked me up with a report that I had to complete then send in… Then I called BDF again to let him know what was going on.. then Rachel and I headed home. Sigh. Long day. I was exhausted.

So yeah.. the moral of the story is this: don’t joke about smashing up someone else’s car.. cause later on that day, when you do, you’ll either feel like an ass, or just set yourself up for easy ridicule.

There was also this time, on the drive down there, where we stopped for food, and there was this construction guy working on a drill type thing… Anyway, he was sitting there with this giant metal shaft, as it went up and down… I saw it, began to giggle like a little boy, then searched around like mad, hoping someone else was catching the show… when I saw Tuuk, giggling like a little boy, and searching around like mad, hoping someone else was catching the show… We’re awesome.

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  1. And I thought I got home late from that. I was at the game at PNC park yesterday (which was a lot warmer, I’ll tell you that much), and one thing I’ve grown to appreciate about Wrigley, is no giant TV to display some animated Pirate talking to you, or clips from bad 80’s movies, or the 6th inning Perogie(sp?) race (I wish I was making that up). The Cheese Perogie won this time. The whole thing just has denial written all over it.

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