Brain Quiz #16

Each of the words in the following list is an anagram for a country, but with one letter changed. E.g. The word “least” would be “Wales” with the “t” substituted by a “w”. What are these countries?

  1. Empty
  2. Tiara
  3. Tribal
  4. Warden
  5. Amenity
  6. Elegant
  7. Glacier
  8. Senator

Scoring: 2 points each. 5 bonus points for getting them all.

Difficulty Rating: 14

12 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #16

  1. i got 6 i think

    go cubbies!!!
    and i’m pissed off at UNC, they helped randy beat me…dang them

  2. Not that I begrudge her them, but how did Serita get 31 points? 2 each=16, plus 5 for the set and 5 for being first makes 26. Whece the extra 5? A newcomer’s bonus, perhaps?

  3. The answer to that, Klaas, is that I am very bad at Math. So I guess I have to call that one “Bank error in your favor, collect $10”.

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