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I’ve gotten a few complaints from people that I have not posted the answers to that trivia dealie yet.. I’ll get to it, I swear, but I made that rule that I needed to have at least one “normal” post between each trivia dealie, so here is that “normal” post. I just got back from the doctor. I’m pregnant! wait, no, that wasn’t it. I’ve been officially cleared of all restrictions. I am now free to play Basketball, baseball, go skiing, run, skip, and jump, rob a liquor store… anything I want to do. Needless to say, I am quite pleased. That puts me quite a ways ahead of schedule, and I credit a very good surgeon, a fine physical therapy team, and a very encouraging group of softball teammates — not to mention the irresistable siren’s song of lady softball herself — with helping me get to this point. I recently began a pretty aggressive workout routine, aiming at getting back to 100% in strength, speed, and flexibility. At this point, the leg feels quite strong, but the flexibility isn’t all there. According to my physical therapists, I’m currently beyond “normal” flexibility, but since I’m hyper-flexible, there’s still quite a ways I’m able to go. (Hey Josh, remember when I fit inside your gym bag? That was awesome.) So I want to get back to that point, and I’m aiming to be there by the time Softball season starts (Beginning of May!) That said, I get to see the doctor again in 9 months to make sure there’s no problems, but I’m pretty much set.

Related to the whole doctor thing are these bills I keep getting. I got a fairly sizable one the other day that said I originally owed thousands of dollars, and insurance was willing to chip in to pay $0 of it. That seemed bad to me.. so I began calling places. Here’s something you may or may not know about me: I hate calling. If it’s someone I know, I’m willing to do it, and it’s not a huge deal, but it’s very rare that I’m calling with the intention of just talking on the phone.. More likely I’m arranging to meet up with this person, or require a specific bit of information. If it’s a stranger, or some sort of institution/company, I hate, hate, hate it, and avoid it at all costs. I’d much rather email, as the information is all right there in front of you, and everything is being taken care of in a way that I can handle, and control. Phones don’t really let me do that. I think it’s just part of my personality. There are people who really like talking to people, strangers or friends, and there are people who like to hide in darkened corners with their earphones on and a hoodie or two covering their head, so as to completely hide them in darkness. Anyway, back to the insurance thinger.. I called the insurance, and asked why they weren’t paying, and they said that the diagnosis given wasn’t payable.. so I asked what I should do to fix that (as I knew that this stuff was covered under my insurance, I had purposefully gone through the work of finding a place that was part of the network, and made sure this type of thing was covered by checking my benefits package dealie) So that person suggested I call the doctor’s office. I called the doctor’s office, and they asked what the code was that they were billing.. well I didn’t have that.. So I had to call the insurance again, and they gave me a code number. I then had to call the Doctor again, and they said that that code wasn’t even in their book, so they said I should call the billing office of the Physical therapy place.. So I called them, and they said that that was the code number that hey had for all my physical therapy.. and I said that that number apparently wasn’t right, or something…. so they said I should call the doctors office, and get them to fax over a new diagnosis or something.. So anyway, today I brought that all up with the Doctor, and he had one the nurses help me out, and she called the billing office, and got some information (Apparently they have the right diagnosis stuff from them) took some copies of the information I was sent, and said that they were going to work with the billing office, and gave them my number and their number, so if there was more stuff to be worked out, I may get a call or something, but they’d try to get it all straightened out. Woo! Once again it proves more effective to just work with someone face to face rather than call the same 3 offices a zillion times and get sent to the next one every single time. Long rambly story to prove that dealing with health insurance and stuff is a PITA.

Did I mention I’m allowed to play basketball and run and go skiing and everything? I’m excited

I started watching Alias again.. I had taken a break midway through season 2… but now I watch an episode every day when I ride my exercises bike. it works out quite well. I still enjoy the show, but some plot points seem to be getting pretty repetitive, and kinda stupid. If I was a woman, I think parts of this show would really offend me.. Here you have this really tough, pretty woman doing a hard, dangerous job, and then after a season of her being able to deal with everything, she turns into this emotional wreck every couple of minutes. Oh well. Also, remember when Dixon was in an episode for more than 5 seconds?

LAN! WE had a lan party last Saturday.. the first time in a long time. Enemy Territory, UT2k4, and some Jedi Knight III. I had a good time. Killing people with lightsabers was really fun, and I completely suXorZ at zooming instagib. I remember when I used to be pretty good at it.. now I’m just t awful. I got very angry… but it’s okay, because I’m allowed to run and jump and play basketball now. I took pictures that’ll be online at some point (of the LAN, not of me running and jumping and playing basketball….yet)

It’s Over!

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  1. I guess the show was hoping to add a little reality. I find that many women can turn into emotional wrecks at a moments notice. Oh yeah, congrats on being able to hop, skip, and jump; I will try to work you into the next bank heist, maybe as the driver until you feel 100%.

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