Cubs Win!

Cubs Win! Cubs Win! So the Cubs just played their spring training opener against the A’s, and they won it 2-1. It was a pleasure to get back to listening to Pat and Ron announce the game.. It’s like easing into an old, comfortable chair or something… Since this is spring training, you’ve got different players, plenty of them completely unknowns, going in and out of the game.. and since Pat and Ron couldn’t identify all of them right away, they took to naming them after famous old time film stars (“Cary Grant comes in to make the catch.. and he put it away.”, “Long fly ball, and Sir Laurence Olivier circles under it, and makes the grab.”) It was quite entertaining. So anyway. Baseball!

Now time for some questions:

  1. I let someone borrow my copy of Love Actually. I have no idea who has it, but I would very much like it back. Anyone know where it went?
  2. MLB 2006
    This game comes out this april. Why is it called MLB 2006? It is currently 2005. This baseball season will begin and end in 2005. No part of this baseball season will take place in 2006. I can understand there being some wiggle room for sports like Basketball and Football, where the season takes place across two calendar years… You can name it after when the season starts, or when the championship game takes place…. but Baseball? Why bother putting a year on it at all, if it’s not going to mean anything?
  3. Who else is jazzed about Arrested Development this week? woo!

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