Okay, so I’ve been busy being all productive and watching the college basketball and all that. But there’s been some things I’ve noticed.. and they were awful.. so I’m going to write about it.

American Idol Barbie

You knew it was going to happen, and I’m fine with it.. whatever, it’ll prolly be profitable. But the commercial… Ack. First off, you’ve got the disturbing looking barbie doll seeming to move on its own in really awkward “dance” moves [Fear not, they explain at the end that the doll doesn’t move on its own]. But then they start up a karaoke machine as she “performs”.. it’s Britney Spears “Oops I did it again.”.. only it’s so tinny and wretched sounding that you can feel your brain trying to break through your skull. Actually, you can watch it online: It was horrible. Why not at least make this crappy doll sing something that didn’t suck?

Spring Break: When Sharks Attack

This was a made for TV movie on CBS that they hyped every chance they got during the basketball games. Hey, um… Remember Jaws? That Ringing any bells? Yeah, that was what you were trying to do, only from what I can recall, that one didn’t suck. If you’re going to make a scary shark movie, then do that.. If you just want to film girls in skimpy outfits reciting poorly written dialog poorly, why not just make porn?

Ashton Kutcher on SNL

Anyone else see his opening monologue? I actually winced a few times. On the other hand, the rest of the show sucked as well.


Animal Planet showed a show about dragons.. explaining how they lived and interacted, what their internal structure was like.. how they flew, breathed fire, etc.. There were computer generated clips of dragons fighting other dragons, dragons fighting tigers, and dragon bodies being examined by scientists. Here’s the deal. Dragons aren’t real. John Ball Zoo had a whole section devoted to dragons. It made me very angry. Um… just as an additional note, the animal planet show was still really interesting… just seemed kinda… pointless.

Legally Blond

It was on TBS Sunday night. That movie is awful.

3 thoughts on “Awful

  1. It was a REAL show in that it was introduced as “imagine dragons are real.. okay GO!” and the rest of the show went on as though the entire thing was real… then go treally scientific and technical about it, and explained things just like they would about any other animal. E.g. Dragons eating platinum to fuel the chemical reaction to allow them to breath fire… or forcing themselves to throw up to lighten themselves up so they can fly…

    Come to think of it, I do have some material from Answers in Genesis that talks about how all these dragon stories are undeniable proof that dinosaurs and man used to hang out together…

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