A Tale of Two Trailers

The end of last week was pretty exciting… Two pretty snazzy trailers were released for things I’m very much looking forward to. The first is the trailer for the next Star Wars movie, and obviously, the trailer looks really, really good. See:

Council Dooku General Grievous
Space Yoda Mace and Kit
Duel space Vader

Yeah, I know. It looks really good. Want to see something else that looks really good? I kid, I kid.. but no, I’m a hottie. Anyway, the other trailer is for the new Legend of Zelda game for Gamecube that’s coming out sometime this year (Note that if it doesn’t come out this year, I will kill all humans.). It too single-handedly makes life worth living, and shiny pretty pictures are here for you to see:

Stalfos Kitty Epona
Zombies Gohma? Warthog Riding
Goron Fighting Armos Monkees with Boomerangs

Moon Pies?!?… What a time to be alive!

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Trailers

  1. Man… Every time I see that Zelda video I still get excited. It’s like when I went out and bought Zelda II as the first game for my NES. These are truly magical days we live in.

  2. Your death will be swift.

    Honestly.. have you even pay paying attention the last 13+ years? None of this should come as a surprise… If anything, i’d expect you to be shocked that I occasionally leave the house.

  3. Aah yes,
    I didn’t say surprised, just scared…
    And for the record, I have at times considered myself a geek, but have yet to see any star wars film, or beat any Zelda game.
    I can’t be alone at this site, right?

  4. Wooohooo!
    I just can’t keep seeing this Zelda pics.
    -Oviously the 1st one is a Stalfo the strange thig is that, well. Are they Dog Stalfos?
    -2nd This kittens are so real, more than Link!
    -3rd Oviously its Link and Epona.What a heck in this stupid world killing(Maybe Keese).
    -4th These are ghosts, maybe Poes or are they Zombies?
    -5th Good one maybe it is a Spider(Name given to it in stupid games). or its a Gohma son?
    Well, Im hungry im going for Dinner!

  5. the armos looks awsome…
    the goron warrior has got to kickass.
    wtf is with those “giant world” Keeses?!
    is it just me or is the spider and goasts seans simmalar to lord of the rings 3?

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