Who Are the Ad Wizards that Came Up With This One?

So, Edis on TBS at noon. As fate would have it, I get a chance to see it every now and then, then. Now, I wasn’t aware before, but have been made aware now, that 12 noon on TBS is considered “woman time”.. to advertisers at the very least. This has been made quite clear by the sheer number hair care, female slanted weight-loss, diaper/baby care products, home cleaning, and feminine hygiene advertisements shown at this time of day. [Not to mention the sickening number of “Sex in the City” advertisements (Please make them stop)] In fact, I decided to count the number of “female” commercials shown during the 2nd half of the show today: the total: Female commercials: a lot! [ I lost count, then just forgot… sue me ]

Anyway, this quick post was prompted by one commercial in particular that so confused and horrified me that I had to see if there was someone out there that could explain why this commercials was a good idea, or how it was supposed to make you want to purchase the product it was selling. The commercial was for this new birth control something or other pill that apparently caused women to have only 4 periods a year. That was the selling point, I believe. Okay, so far I’m content to just ignore… But while this is being explained, on screen there are two women running around, picking up pink circles that represent their periods, and throwing them around like frisbees. Um. What!? How is this a good thing? What kind of advertisers meeting was this? Do you realize that not only did someone have to come up with this idea.. but other people had to hear about it, and then agree that it was a good idea. Then still more people had to spend millions of dollars to create the commercial, then put it on the air so other people could see it? What is happening?

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  1. Well, the punctuation period as symbol of the old M has been around for at least a little while, in sanitary-products ads. It seems to me ‘period’ is no worse a euphamism than others (except that “period” means the amount of time between repetitions, not the event being repeated, so that doesn’t really make sense. but that’s certainly not a winning fight), and translating it into that visual representation is kind of clever. They’re talking about blood, but showing anything too bloodlike grosses people out, so instead of getting rid of the redness and using blue liquid, which annoys the crap out of me, they get rid of the liquid and use just a red dot. It can still represent blood, because it’s red, but it’s geometrical enough to not be gross.

    And once you’ve got red dots as a symbol for catamenia, it makes lots of sense that a drug (or rather, a delivery of a drug–the chemicals are no different from other birth control drugs) that lets a person control her periods would advertise by showing people using that symbol as a toy.

    Oh, wait, there’s no difficulty rating. Was that supposed to be a rhetorical question?

    P.S. I haven’t seen the ad in question, but you describe the dots as pink, rather than red. Possibly Johnson and Johnson or someone has trademarked the red dot, but a pink one would piss me off–too unlike blood. Too close to calling periods “happy butterfly time.”

  2. oops. I didn’t remember if your comments preserved newlines, so I doubled up.
    Also, sorry about the whole “comment longer than the post” thing.

  3. Your comments are always welcome Klaas…no matter how long or spaced Unless you disagree with me.. then you can just keep it to yourself, and pretend to agree with me anyway.

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