The Hero and the WindFish

So last night I beat Zelda: Link’s Awakening [DX] for Gameboy. I had beaten it before, but it was quite some time ago, and in my continuing efforts to play through all the Zelda games before the new Gamecube version comes out (originally it was going to be before Prime 2 came out.. but I got busy, and yada yada yada), I wanted to play through it again. It’s a very good game, and well worth playing, even after a number of newer games in the series have been released. I’ve also begun work, once again, on writing up a dealie on all the Zelda games, but that will prolly get shelved again until I finish all of the games, and let’s face it… that’s going to take a while.

Now a quick plea. After I beat the game, I decided to grab the next one, and quick start it up, so the whole actually playing games thing wouldn’t just die a quick death. So I went to grab Oracle of Ages, and it was not in the box. I was surprised. Put simply, I’m not the type of person who leaves stuff just sitting somewhere where it doesn’t belong… especially not in my room… especially if it’s a Zelda game. My hope was that I let someone borrow it.. but that appears not to be the case thus far… so my quick plea is: If I let you borrow it, can you please let me know, so I don’t spend all day ripping my entire room apart looking for the thing.

Anyone out there watch The Amazing Race? I’ve seen a few episodes when I’ve gone over to my sister’s place for Dinner/Scrubs night. If you do watch it, can you please explain to me why in the world that guy [Aaron] would propose to that girl [Hayden], having just spent the last however many days/weeks learning [along with the rest of the world] that she is a hateful, loud, evil drama-queen of a woman capable of seemingly nothing but a constant stream of complaints, excuses, and berating attacks. Was he simply not conscious throughout this time, or does his masochism so control him that he’s actually looking forward to this union? You know, like how a cow might look forward to a slaughterhouse. [I wanted Kris and Jon to win.]

5 thoughts on “The Hero and the WindFish

  1. I watched the entire Amazing Race this season, and I had a similar reaction to yours when Aaron proposed to Hayden (apart from the projectile vomiting, which I imagine you didn’t so much do).

    The only thing I can think of to justify his proposal instead of the clear move, which was to shove her under a rock someplace, was that Kris was already taken. This, of course, would have been no obstacle for me.

  2. I watched the entire season of AR and found it even more interesting that it was done when they had just been eliminated. I understand the desire to do it on TV, but after a severe beating I might just wait until some more romantic occasion.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with that fact that Aaron is making a horrible mistake.

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