Robot Chicken is a funny show

Hey there. I went to church at Bethel, my old church in Zeeland today, and afterwords headed over to the Veldhof’s for dinner. Gwen and Rob (That’s “Rob friggin’ Brandt”) were in town as well, so that was fun. Then I drove home, and was set to change into more comfortable clothes, but figured I’d check some things online first… My laptop is sitting on my nightstand by my bed, so I hopped into bed, checked my email, and then I must’ve nodded off. I woke up a while later, thinking it must be around 4 or so…. a look at the clock: 10 pm. Wow.. Guess I was tired… Anyway, thankfully I was awake in time to watch the premier episode of Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken”. This show was just plain funny. Basic idea: Old school toys and action figures and stop motion photography to make messed up sketches… Here’s one for you: Transformers clip where Optimus Prime is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I like this show.

Remember back when Sven and I played MVP Baseball Homerun Derby? Well, Sven came over on Friday, as we were eventually joined by Tim as well. Well.. Here’s what happened:

You’ll recall that when we were playing before, Sven topped the distance mark with a shot that went 597 feet… this shortly before we had to call it a day for our competition.. and then, a few days later I hit one 608, and reclaimed my rightful spot as champion. After a game or two, we created players named Ron Veenstra and Steve Johnson with identical stats… then we went at it. Well, a few games into our competition, I had this gem of a shot:


I think as this point, we both knew we were in for a long night… Not to be outdone, Sven rocketed one a bit after that that tied that mark. He insisted I also take a picture of that:


I’m still feeling alright, cause he hadn’t topped me… then a little bit later I hear “615!“. Shizzah! Stupid Sven.


Okay, that’s just not good at all. I then announced I was going to hit one 625 feet. I had no doubt. A few games more, and bam! “625!“.


Once again I was on track… but not for long. “626!“. Sven is a stupid jerk.


After that, Tim as over, and we had some pizza, and watched some TV for a while…. and eventually we got back to it, only our players were erased, so I got a hold of a code for “Jacob Paterson”… This dude swings a giant bat that looks like a tree trunk or something… so the next thing you know: “800“, “900“, “1000!“. Tim cranked one 1042 feet that stood as the mark for a while… Then Sven hit a foul ball that went 1080 I believe… and then a fair ball 1078!… That stood as the mark for a bit, then I knocked out this dandy shot:


That record didn’t last too long, as a shot soon after blew it away, and set the final record for the night.. this towering shot hung in the air for so long, the pitcher had to sit down and read a book waiting for the score to tally:


So there you have it.. kind of the best of both worlds, if you think about it. Sven retains the record for longest shot without the Jacob Paterson player (“626″… a record I intend to break.) and I’ve got the longest overall, with the 1149 shot. As for winning the total distance thing.. it’s interesting the strategy you need to use with Jacob Paterson… his hits take so long to be added to your score, that if you’re close, you’re better off hitting line drives, so your score will get added to quicker. There were times when one of us was at 9800 (playing to 10000), and the other person was much lower (maybe 9400), and a quick slap shot homerun (600) would be added to the losing players score quicker, and give them the victory. Craziness. Once again, fun times had by all, and I love baseball. Cubs win! Cubs win!

I’ve been playing Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.. one of the two Gameboy Color Oracle Zelda Games (Along with Oracle of Ages.. the game that disappeared from my house, forcing me to buy a new one online, which arrived the other day. Yay!) First off, the game is really, really good. They’ve taken what I loved about Zelda: DX for the Gameboy, and gotten rid of the things that really annoyed me about it. One interesting thing about these Oracle games is that you can transfer certain items from one to the other.. most notably these rings that you find, which give you certain special abilities. There’s a set number of rings, (64, I believe) that you can collect, and getting all of them takes a lot of effort and work, apparently. Well, my obsessive compulsiveness mixed with my zelda obsession now demands that I acquire all of them… Pretty clever, marketing department. I can hear them now: “Hey, kids like collecting Pokemon, right? What can we do that’s like that?”

I’m still not tired.

Looks like people like the trivia stuff, so that’s pretty kewl. I thought they were pretty fun as well. we’ve done 10, so the next one will be a multi-part/ multi-point thinger.

Is it not possible now to turn to the Disney channel without seeing that wretched “Do You Believe in Magic” music video? The only upside I can see is that for once, Raven Symone is not involved in a Disney production.

Robot Chicken is on again!!

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