Brain Quiz #9

In a cage of parrots, each of the female parrots can see an equal number of female and male parrots, but each male parrot sees twice as many female parrots as male parrots. How many parrots are there in total?

Difficulty Rating: 6

31 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #9

  1. If the question is missing a word, then I’ll answer “7”–four female and three male. That’s assuming you meant to say “each of the female parrots can see an equal number…”. Otherwise you’re saying that each of the parrots (including males) can see an equal number, but the males somehow see an unequal number instead (they’re facing away from each other?).

  2. I slightly altered the wording of the question so it makes more sense. [Thanks Klaas. The question as written on the card was a bit confusing.]

  3. Screw your damn wording of the question. I had seven (three male, four female) parrots before Klaus had even posted. But of course the original question introduced a logical fallacy, so I thought I was just missing something. Boo to you.

    Yeah, I’m bitter.

  4. ron should help himself to a nice, cold can of shut the hell up.

    Oops, that’s not a question. “ron should help himself to a nice, cold can of shut the hell up, don’t you think?”

  5. I humbly apologize, Question Man. I do not wish to draw your ire and get negative points. Please don’t take my points. (Please don’t make me apologize to Ron, though.)

  6. Gwen: check near the upper-right corner of the page for “Trivia Scores”. I’m guessing Question Man is tallying the difficulty ratings for correctly-solved puzzles, as well as subtracting points for arbitrary crankiness against some people.

  7. Not that I know of – but for those of us that worship at the altar of ronveenstra, it’s enough.

    Gwen, did you notice that we got the same lame answer for that last trivia, with the fast guy carrying all of the other guys across? That was awesome. [/Farley]

  8. Gwen: points are pretty much meaningless, save for bragging rights, taunting others, and a pretty accurate representation of your relative worth to society as a whole.

    Rob: You get negative points for a 404 URL that hurt me inside, where I’m soft, like a woman.

  9. Ron, do not un-encourage Dino, as Aunt May said… “I believe there’s a hero in all of us.” I also believe that we all have superpowers, I wrote about it in my Xanga blog, which I’ll link you a site to when I get done mocking you in my URL’s (not likely).

    Oh, and if anyone suspects that Ron isn’t a big cry-baby who cries over nothing. Well, here’s iron clad proof he’s a big cry-baby who cries like the crying tear-filled cryer cryington he is…

    RON-Y VEENSTRA is an anagram for

    VERY NON-TEARS… coincidence??? I think not.

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