Brain Quiz #10

One Wednesday afternoon Blake visits a health spa where he meets three other men, Peter, Paul, and Carl. They undress and then enter the steam room. Peter is a musician and has brought his walkman, and Paul and Carl have both brought books to read. Blake has taken a thermos flask. Before long, a piercing cry is heard in the mist-filled room, and one of Blake’s companions is found dead from a stab wound to the chest. When the police come to investigate and question the three men, all they find in the room are a walkman, two books, and an empty thermos. No weapon is found and no one else has entered or left the room. What had happened?

Difficulty Rating: 8

12 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #10

  1. Blake had a sharp ice cicle in the thermos, he took it out and stabbed one of the other men. No weapon was found, because the ice cicle melted before the police got there.

  2. Blake had a stabbing weapon made of ice hidden in his thermos. He stabbed the man, and then the weapon melted before the police arrived.

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