Who Are 3 People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen.

Hey there. It’s been a good day, and here I find myself with time to write. Score. As I type this I am watching Rachel play Zelda: Windwaker on the big TV with the Surround sound going.. and I have to say, it both looks and sounds awesome. She’s having a bit of trouble swinging from hanging torchlight to hanging torchlight. For those of you who are quite interested in these kinds of things, she and I started dating a little while ago.. so whomever had the beginning of January in the betting pool, you win a prize. Okay, I just did the torchlight swingy thing. I really like Zelda.

So, a while back, while I was doing my exercises and waiting for my TV to arrive, I heard this really loud cracking sound. So I looked outside, and there was a van stopped just short of falling into the small creek running by our building… And it looked like it had run into the wood railing set up to prevent just such an event. So I started taking pictures of it, and it turned out to be pretty entertaining.

A L-O-N-G while ago, Tuuk, Joel, Andy, and I played, and defeated, Zelda: 4 Swords. Now it’s no secret that I like Zelda, but this game is worth praising, as it managed to make an extremely enjoyable multi-player game out of a genre that has up to this point been solely a one player affair. I was particularly impressed with the length of the game, the variety of the puzzles, and the way they were adapted to really require all 4 players to work together (while still secretly scheming to screw the other 3 players over somehow). Playing all that Zelda made me want to get back into the swing of gaming.. so I picked up Zelda : Link to the Past which I was about halfway through, and ended up playing through and beating on the Gameboy Advance.. I quick played through Zelda 1 again just for fun, and now I’m a small ways into Zelda : Link’s Awakening DX.. though I suspect that’ll remain on hold for a while….

If you haven’t heard of Jim Gaffigan, you should check him out. He’s a stand up comedian, and he’s hilarious. Also, he was Toby Gibbons on Ed.

I got a new work computer, and have spent most of my time the last week or so setting it all up.. I gotta say, now that it’s all set up, it’s pretty snazzy. I even got those play/pause/stop/skip forward/skip back buttons working in Linux.. and getting anything to work in linux is a bit of a pain.

Here’s the deal: Paris Hilton is neither a marketing genius nor a character to be looked up to. Why is she on TV so much, and who are these people that are interested in her?

In that same vein: Ashlee Simpson. Why does she still have a career? Why did she get one in the first place? Your 15 minutes were up the minute you stepped out for your second “song” on SNL.

If you want to weep for the future, turn on the Disney channel. Within a few minutes you will forced to sit through what is generously called a “music video”. It will make a small part of you die inside. and it will probably feature Raven Symone at some point as well. And here’s the thing: Hillary Duff: It’s not even fun making fun of you anymore. It’s like you’re not even trying. I was gonna spoof the trailer to your movie… but the trailer was just so bad, that a simple transcript of the thing was more funny than anything I could have written. Here’s the deal: You’re not talented. There, I said it, Please plan your life accordingly.

Anyone else tired of those NFL Officials beer commercials? Yeah. Dear Ad Wizards: Time to move on.

I’m in physical therapy now.. 3 times a week. They say I’m making good progress, which I take as a good sign. It’s occasionally painful, but nothing horrible. I’m assuming that comes later.

I started doing that trivia thing. You may have noticed. I don’t know if any of you remember that episode of Cheers where Cliff was on Jeopardy, but Cliff answered the final question “Who are 4 people who have never been in my kitchen.” Alex Trebek shows up in the bar, and explains that although many answers can be technically “not wrong” there is only one “correct” answer for the question that is asked. Well, just remember that. Your answer may not be “wrong” but that doesn’t mean you’re getting points. Deal.

Now I’m tired. Goodnight

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