Recent Fears.

Weird happenings recently. There were 3 things in the past few days that stirred up within me what I have called [and will continue to call, for that matter] “The Fear“. 3 Things… these are their stories:

Thing 1

First off, many of you [who live somewhere like I do] might have noticed that it’s really, really, really cold most days. I don’t think I really need to point out that this really sucks. A fun result [ which many other people have also discovered] is that the basic functions of your car no longer seem to be guaranteed. Such functions as: doors unlocking, doors locking, doors opening, doors closing, windshield wipers moving, engine starting, power steering operating, etc.. Friday I had physical therapy at 3:30 pm. I was running a bit behind, so I was in no mood for my car’s fussiness when I got outside to drive to the place. The door remained stuck for a while, but a few good tugs got it open. I got in, started up the car, and pulled the door shut. Thunk! The door bounced open again. That seemed odd. So I shut it again.. and it bounced open again. Messing with the locks did no good. I checked the latch, and it was not in the mood to move, apparently. Well, like I said, I was late.. so I ended up pulling out, and driving to physical therapy with one hand holding the door shut, with the warning bell turning on and off depending on just how hard i was holding the thing shut. Around corners the door would open a bit more… but eventually I made it, and just left the door as closed as it would go, and figured something magical would happen when I returned.

[In the meantime, the physical therapist kept making snide comments about me being late, which I found neither funny nor necessary. She also chastised me for wearing shorts and a T-shirt outside. (I had a hoodie with me too.. she must not have noticed that.)]

I get back outside, and the door still won’t shut, but at least opening it was no problem then. I messed with the latch some more, and eventually got it to move, and quickly got it stuck in the locked position. More messing with it,and it moved back, the door shut, and all was right with the world again. Good thing, too, cause getting it stuck in the locked position would’ve really sucked.

Flash to later that evening. Rachel, Robb, and I are watching The Recruit, and I decide I need chips and Salsa, and some soda.. So I head out to my car. It opens no problem, and so I hop in, shut the door, and–Thunk!. Crap. Well, fortunately, I now know you just dink with the latch a bit, and that fixes it. So I worked it a bit, and got it to move.. and instantly got it stuck in the locked position. This time, nothing seems to work to get it unstuck. I utterly destroyed a metal pen, injured two rather important fingers, and still nothing. I decided the only thing that would work was just heating the car up. (Well, heating it up, and slamming the door a could times, if not to fix it, then just to punish it a bit.). So now I’m driving down 44th Street with a door that doesn’t come close to shutting, with one hand holding the door tight, and the other steering. I get to Meijer, and there’s still no love with the door shutting. So screw it, I went in and did some shopping. At this point, it should be mentioned, I could not feel the fingers on my right hand. Cold metal is Cold!. (Aptly named..) I come back outside with my purchases, and I’m starting to really worry that my door is going to be left open all night, which isn’t all that secure, and can’t be great for keeping the inside Ice-free. I get in the car, set the things down, try the door locks a few times, and bam, the thing works.. Door slams shut, and I drive home. Relatively minor fear taken care of.

Thing 2

Sunday, and I’m driving to church. It was cold out (Duh). I pull around the curve, over the small bridge, and pull up near the street. Only when I hit the brakes, I did not slow down. I looked to the left, and there was a car coming, but it was a little ways off. So I sail right onto the street. I got that cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. [The Fear!]. Once safely onto the street, I try out the brakes again, and the car slowed without a problem. So… problem averted, I guess. But man, that brief snippet of time really frightened me.

Thing 3

I’ve been tired lately.. and very desirous of sleep. So Saturday night I went to bed excited for a nice full night of sleep. Around 4 I woke up in a panic. Nightmare. I haven’t had a nightmare in a very long time, and this one was a rather powerful one. I could not go back to sleep, as the ending images and sounds of the dream kept running through my mind. I was awake for well over an hour before I was able to get back to sleep… and that dream still messed with me the next morning.

The next night, I had another nightmare… Less intense, but still rather troubling. I woke up, and got to sleep fairly soon afterwords. Weird stuff.

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