Pictures and Giant Turtles

Just a few quick things that are not really interesting, but I feel like I’ve fulfilled my newly decided obligation to write at least one actual post between trivia questions. My thanks to all who are submitting answers and questions on those, by the way. I hope you’re finding them interesting.. Some of them have sucked, but I’m being more selective about them now. So anyway, first things first: I finally put up the pictures from Christmas, so you can check those out. I didn’t take that many, but you know you need to look at them anyway. Work has been tiring lately. Productive, but very, very tiring. Good thing I have that big, long vacation to look forward to… um.. hrm.. sigh…

I bought one of those audio/component shelf thingers to hold the stuff that used to be in the entertainment center before I got the new TV (DVD player, receiver, Media Machine, VCR, etc.). I was excited, cause I had found a nice on online, and then was unable to find it at any store in the area, and the shipping and handling online was more than the furniture itself, so I didn’t want to do that.. then *Bam*, an Advertisement in the Sunday paper saying they had it, and it was on sale. It was at ABC Warehouse… a place I tend to hate… I’ve only purchased one other thing from them (My first receiver) and it was an okay enough experience, but the salespeople always struck me as being… “slimy” .. so I tend to avoid them. Anyway, Rachel and I went, and I bought it, and brought it home, and built it, and, of course, took pictures that you should also look at.

That segues nicely with this: If and when I finally get some free time, I am all set:


I bought Katamari Damacy!!! Woot. My thanks go to Tuuk for originally introducing me to the game.

Finally, something kinda weird happened the other day. Rachel noticed that one of the 3 fish was missing. These fish have been in the turtle tank since my birthday [October 27.. why can’t you ever remember that!?] and it seemed that after his original rampage that saw the number shrink from 26 to 3 in a few short days, Ned had decided to leave these 3 survivors in relative peace. When a big fish was added, it was instantly “dealt with”, but the 3 fish remained. And now one was just gone. Left without a trace. Ned is getting to be a big boy these days. Check it out:

ned ned
Ned. May 14, 2004 Ned, Jan. 30, 2005

Yes… He’s big. A few more months, and I can ride him around the house like an elephant. I’m pretty excited.

5 thoughts on “Pictures and Giant Turtles

  1. Um. Gimme the dates.. and are you driving or flying? I might want to go… As for the trivia. I’m impressed. You managed to be way, WAY off on a question where the answer was already posted.

    Don’t feel bad.. the question was stupid, and so was the answer.
    No one got it right.

  2. Yah so — Katamari Damacy was such a big hit that Cory went out and bought it :D I still haven’t yet because i haven’t managed to completely convince rob that it’s that cool as it is.

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