Brain Quiz #5

A man lived all by himself. he never went out and no one ever visited him. One day he watered all of his plants, turned off all the lights, and left the building, never to return again. His actions resulted in the death of six men. Why?

Difficulty Rating: 10

10 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #5

  1. Was his house a lighthouse, and the ‘light’ the lighthouse beam, and the deaths of the 6 men were from being impaled on jagged, razor-sharp rocks?

  2. Yeah, pretty much… If the only thing mentioned was turning off the lights, it might have drawn more attention to it, or something.

    Also, the plant was a radioactive mutant Venus Fly trap type thing, which lures sailors into shallow rocky water with its mysterious Siren song, only to feast on their remains after the ship runs aground.

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