Brain Quiz #3

A man is found dead in a phone booth beside a fishing rod. Two windows had been smashed, and there was someone on the other end of the line. Murder is out of the question. How did he die?

Difficulty Rating: 11

4 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #3

  1. It is a male fish that is dead in a phone booth, a fisherman is on the other end of the line and he cast the fish through two windows, and broke them.

  2. The man went to cast his line when it caught on a passing car, dragging him into a phone booth. His momentum ripped the booth off its moorings and plunged it into the nearby lake. The windows were broken by him, from the inside, as he tried to escape drowning.

    Come on! It could happen!

  3. He was describing to a friend the size of a fish that had got away. In his enthusiasm, he foolishly demonstrated the size with his hands, breaking the glass at mortally wounding himself in the process.

    Yeah… I dunno. Sorry.

  4. Hmm….
    A fisherman hooked this dead guy on his fishing pole that he found in some lake nearby and dragged into the phone booth (thus knocking out both the windows).

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