Brain Quiz #2

A man is driving slowly through a town. He is carrying two passengers, one in the front, and one in the back. On arriving at their destination, where they meet up with four others, they all get out and it begins to rain. Six of them get wet, even though they hurry on their way. The passenger who was in the back of the car, however, remains completely dry, even though he makes no attempt to hurry and has no hat, coat, or umbrella. How is this possible?

Difficulty Rating: 9

7 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #2

  1. The passenger in the back was a baby in one of those covered car seats. When they all got out, the parents took the car seat out with the baby in it.

  2. The passenger in the back is in a coffin, which has been conveyed to the destination by a hearse. The pallbearers all carry the coffin, and get wet.

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