Brain Quiz #1

A man gets into a taxi and names his destination. No more is said between them. The driver takes the man, who he has never met before, to a secluded spot, lures him out of the taxi and kills him. This behaviour is completely uncharacteristic of the usually placid taxi driver. What was his motive?

Difficulty Rating: 8

4 thoughts on “Brain Quiz #1

  1. The taxi driver’s motive was that of a lover’s jealousy, since his fare named the taxi driver’s home address where the driver’s wife was waiting.

  2. lame answer #1
    The taxi driver knew that his wife was having an affair while he was out driving his taxi. The man who got into the taxi asked to go to the driver’s home address, so the driver deduced that the man was his wife’s lover, so he killed him.

  3. The man in the cab asks the driver to go to a specific address. The driver recognizes the address as his own house. The driver then realizes what he’s been suspecting for a while, that his wife is having an affair. In a jealous rage, the driver betrays his normal demeanor and murders the man in a fit of passion.

  4. The Answer:

    The driver had suspected his wife was having an affair. When the man gives the address of the driver’s house, he knows he was right. In a jealous rage, he murders the man.

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