Brace Yourself

For the first time in 86 days, I am going an entire day without having to wear any sort of protective brace on my leg. I had a doctor’s appointment and a physical therapy session yesterday, and I was told that I can go without the brace from now on… and can now begin to walk distances [e.g. Walk a mile or two], jog, and run. (RUN!) I’m still restricted from making any pivoting or fast cutting movements, and competitive sports are still a bit of a ways off, but I took all of this as a good sign, and an indication of healthy progress being made.. and the thought of running again after having been forbidden (and more or less unable to anyway) for so long is just a very exciting feeling. If you know me well, you know I like running a lot. Not so much the “let’s go run a few miles” kind of running. But more of the “there’s something we need (e.g. a foul ball) all the way out there.. someone needs to go get it” or “I need milk.. the gas station is not too far away, but it’s raining out, so I think I’ll sprint there and back” kind of running. Something about running fast and free for some silly purpose other than “I should do this to stay in shape” makes me feel good, and young, and happy. I can’t wait to run.

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