The Streak has Ended

Wednesday, December 29, 1:10 am. The streak ends. 10 years of not throwing up, including 5 years of alcohol, gone in a rather wretched spasm. I can think of very few things that a human does in its lifetime that are more disgusting. That is all.

7 thoughts on “The Streak has Ended

  1. Same flu-bug – at my house
    12:00 Leave work to enjoy long weekend…
    17:20 TiVo working and leave for dinner party
    19:30 Finish dinner and start working on computer for friend.
    20:00 First nausea and fever hit
    20:15 Stop working on friend’s computer
    20:20 Mention to Marcia that it’s time to go
    20:25 put on coat and speak again from the open doorway
    20:30 sit in car, outside temp 36, sweating
    20:35 Marcia follows and we leave
    21:00 on the way home stop dodging pink balls in the sky – realize they were not real.
    21:10 arrive home and go to bed immediately
    21:11 immediately get back up and head for the bowl
    21:30 emerge from toilet, rinse with Listerine and brush.
    (repeat several times through…)

    11:15 ate and held down soup

    08:03 back at work

  2. Would you like some medicine that helps for that? I know a guy that knows a guy who can get you some Zofran. Zofran is the wonder-drug that makes nausea and vomiting a thing of the past, like the Pet Rock, only with less vomiting.

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