My Knee and Me

So I have written in a bit… oddly enough, I’ve not really done a whole lot, so I’ve had very little to say. But here I sit, watching Swac play Madden 2005 [having just finished playing Zelda : Link to the Past for the past hour or two], and I figured I may as well write a little bit.

[Yeah.. it’s tomorrow. I ended up playing more Zelda… then watched some Alias… then went to bed.]

So now I am watching Red Vs. Blue with the director’s commentary on. It’s awesome. If you don’t know about Red vs. Blue, you’re not kewl, and you really ought to get that fixed. The Commentary is really good, and explains a lot about how they do things. I recommend checking it out if you’re into Red vs. Blue… or you like the funny.

[Yeah.. it’s now about 4 days later… I seriously suck at this]

Now the U of M vs. Ohio State game is on. I’m imaginingJplant currently going insane at his place. Awesome.]

So let’s start talking about things…. I ended up getting that new knee brace the day after I posted last.. and that made things a ton better. [I officially rescind the finger.] The new brace is quite nice, and lets me bend my knee, which is a huge plus. Within a few days I could walk around without the crutches, but it required a lot of concentration. It’s one of those things where you had to actively think about and have confidence in that leg, and you’d be fine. Doubt it, and you’re in trouble. So by now, I’m doing alright as far as walking goes… a bit of a limp, but otherwise okay… but it tires me out, and makes me feel completely out of shape. Example; if I do a lot of walking around or sitting in a chair one day, the next day I’m pretty much useless. That just feels kinda pathetic to me. Oh, also, trying to sleep sucks.

Okay, so on Tuesday I had another doctor’s appointment, with a new Doc. that’s hopefully all taken care of by my insurance, and he said pretty much the same thing as the other guy: Torn ACL and Torn MCL… only while he was testing out the knee, it didn’t bend out sideways (in a very disgusting looking and feeling way) nearly as far as it had in previous tests, which I think means the MCL was tightening up a bit.. or it could mean that I’m dying or something. I don’t know. Then he started talking about how they fix this kinda thing. The MCL ought to be able to fix itself, so long as it wasn’t torn apart at a bad location (like right at the bone or something), but the ACL is worthless once it’s gone.. and they need to reconstruct it using something new. The first Doc said they’d steal something off of the patella, an use that to make a new ACL.. but this new Doc said there was some other ways they could do it. They could do the patella thing, but there was the chance of something annoying with that, so he tends not to do that (so that’s good to know), otherwise they can steal a tendon from behind the knee, or part of the Achilles, or from a donor. The idea of the Achilles frightens me, cause those things are really important. At this point, I want something from a dead person, cause that means less parts of me getting thrown around. I’ve got enough scars on my legs already.

So I was at that new Doc, and we talked about surgery dates and all that, and then he suggested that I get an MRI, to verify that the ACL was indeed torn (like I said, the leg was a lot tighter than before.. we’re pretty positive the ACL is done for, but there’s a tiny chance I’m just really crazy flexible in weird ways), but the other thing was checking where the MCL was torn, to make sure we wouldn’t have to do anything special with that. We talked insurance real quick, and got everything set.. so last Tuesday at 3:45 am, I drove up to St. Mary’s, and had an MRI done on my knee. Now, I’ve never had an MRI done before, so I was curious what it’d be like.

So I showed up, filled out all this paperwork, and then had to change out of my jeans and put on the most comfortable pair of scrubs pants I’ve ever worn… I was very tempted to steal them, but didn’t… but man, I should have. So they brought me to the machine, and you got to pick from a list of cds you wanted to listen to, and it included R.E.M.’s Eponymous, so I chose that. They had this plastic holder dealie for my knee, and so I laid down on the table, and we got my leg all secured, and got a pair of earphones, and then the table moved in to the MRI tube.. up to my chest. So I didn’t have to go all the way in, which is nice, cause I think would have felt claustrophobic. Anyway, the music started, and the person there said it’d take about 20-25 minutes.. and I knew how long each song was, so I had a good idea when I was close to 20 minutes… but that machine is loud!.. I could hear it over the music, so I spent most of the time trying to figure out what video games the machine sounded like. It started out rapid firing, sounding just like the machine gun stations in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (The ones the engineers have to build).. but after a while, it changed to a weird “Whoop”ing sound, that sounded almost exactly like the spell projectiles that the Wizzrobes from Zelda 1 fire [Or Link with the magic wand]. Just imagine rapid firing that thing, like 2 shots every second. So “WhoopWhoopWhoopWhoop“. Then towards the end, it changed again to a very weird electronic force-field type sound. I had a hard time figuring out a video game sound for it, but I knew it sounded very familiar…

[Ooh… punt return for a touchdown.. Jplant isn’t going to like that.]

So that was the MRI.. Now so long as nothing unusual shows up on that, I’ll be having surgery on December 2. Mark your calendar, and be sure to buy me a present. Then I’m told it’s a few weeks on crutches, a few months with the knee brace, and a few more months of rehab after that, and then I’m back to being 100%… just in time for Softball.

In an effort to keep these posts a bit more readable, and less novel-length, I’m stopping here.

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  1. Like the scrubs eh? I may be able to “magically” produce a pair of those pants for you. Between rob and I we have a great deal of scrubs. :)

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