4 thoughts on “Worst Idea Ever

  1. magic!!!

    i wish scooter would describe one of the following: beanball, spitball, or sandpaper ball. i.e. his face would be all scuffed up by the sandpaper in the pitcher’s mitt.

  2. I’d like to see Scooter vs. that screaming baseball from ESPN’s Homeruns of the day thinger. Oh wait.. nope, I’d rather just see Scooter dying a painful death.

  3. The other night when you were over I thought you were all depressed that he wasn’t on. Afterwards you explained what he was enthusiastically… I started to feel excitement for baseball, and thought maybe this cute little animation could finally get me hooked on the American Pasttime. My hopes are now crushed… my only connection to it now is that both it’s fans and I like to drink Old Style… and other beers… and to get belligerent when drunk.

  4. sorry my comments are about the past few photos-
    My theory is that these hats are really being sent by God. The first two were just to get your attention that your life is completely backwards. Finally he is calling you into a career at krispy Kreme. What brings people more happiness than doughnuts? Michael Moore noted in his movie, Bowling for Columbine, the lower crime rate in Canada. What he failed to note is that clearly the lower crime rate is due to the plethora of doughnut places.

    Do not resist the call.

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