The Season is over.

The Chicago Cubs played their last game of the season today, and came away with a win, to close out the season 89-73. That’s 1 game better than last season, when they won their division, and went to the post season. Remember when that happened? Yeah, that was awesome. Anyway, it was a decent season, but everyone was expecting a lot more… and I don’t think anyone saw St. Louis playing quite as well as they did this year. So yeah, the season is over, and that makes me sad… and their were a lot of things that didn’t impress me.. LaTroy Hawkins as a closer was a bad idea. Scoring less than 1 run every time Clement pitched the whole first half of the season was not kewl. Everyone getting injured all the time wasn’t so swell. Sammy Sosa forgetting how to hit, but remembering how to strike out kinda sucked… etc..

So I say goodbye to my Cubs once again… I’ll see you next year, when you can tear my heart out and play with it for a while, until you tire of it, and casually discard it. You can be like every girl I’ve ever liked, only I’ll get to see you a bit more regularly, and you’ll cost me a lot less. Don’t worry, I’ll continue make endless excuses for the way you treat me, and love you always. Go Cubs!

5 thoughts on “The Season is over.

  1. Y’know, I always heard the comparison being made between Cubs and Red Sox fans where the main difference is said to be that Cubs fans forgive their team. They are the loveable losers, whereas the Sox are just the losers. I can see a little of that in your post, Ron.

    In any case, I really feel for you man. Like the old saying that you’ve gotta play for 27 ours in baseball (or play all 48 minutes in basketball, or substitute your favorite sport), the Cubs seemingly only played 154 games this year.

    What’s the prognosis for next year? Is their stellar pitching staff going to be back to make another run, hopefully with better offense to back it? Is Nomar coming back? Inquiring minds…

  2. astounding tribute to the cubs ron. i would’ve put a few pictures (maybe u wouldve put a heart around nomar) but it was beautiful really. i too am saddened by the cubs season but they’ll pick it up next year im thinkin.

  3. The impression i get (Re: BoSox and Cubs) is that Boston fans seem to act like the team owes them something, and Cub fans are more often just thrilled to see them play. Now that the Cubs have themselves a quality team that really ought to be going to the post season, it’ll be interesting to see if that mood changes… I really don’t think it will. Cub fans are pissed when we lose, but we’re not going to hate the Cubs because of it. We’ll find one individual or crazy unrelated incident to blame it on, and go about our business.

    Now, as for next year.. am I making predictions, or wishes? What I see happening: Todd Walker will be the full time 2nd Baseman, with Grudzielanek getting dealt somewhere. I very much want to see Nomar back, and I think the Cubs will try, but it’s more up to what he wants to do at this point. I really want him to stay. I also want the starting 5 pitchers to stay. I don’t know if Alou will be back, but I’d like to see him stay, as he was quality this year. No other major changes, and we get back Borowski completely healthy and pitching like last year, and we’re all set.

  4. I’ve heard an interesting, and almost unanimous, reaction to Sammy titty tantrum yesterday: Sammy has to go. The problem seems to arise where his $18M contract is concerned, but regardless of that, the sentiment around sportswriterdom is that he’s become a hinderance and a malcontent. (I would have said so BEFORE his refusal to even suit up for the last game – his fit about not hitting lower than 4th was enough for me to wish the Cubs showed him the door.)

    Walker/Garciaparra would be a formidable middle, at least with the bats. (Walker, IIRC, isn’t a great fielder, but he’s solid enough. Nomar is… well, Nomar.) Alou would be a good one. Actually, their entire lineup is a good one… dang, why DID they blow it this year?!

    Oh well… I have the feeling I’ll be driving this conversation about one East Coast team soon enough… :-P

  5. Well, I don’t want to see Sammy go, nor do I think he will. His tantrum at the end of the season was childish… but he was frustrated, and when people get frustrated they sometimes do childish things. At least he didn’t pull a Farnsworth and injure himself by kicking a fan or something… As I recall, it was Sammy who called Baker and told him to set him lower in the lineup, which I thought was a classy move. Sammy is still a threat, and he’s still a run producer. If he comes back healthy and metally ready for next season, there’s few people I’d rather be sitting 3rd in the lineup. Plus he’s a fan favorite, and for the most part is good for the team. He slumped this year, and that sucked, but I think getting rid of him is a mistake.

    Walker isn’t as good a fielder as Grudz, but he’s a solid hitter (and from the left, to boot) He’s still good in the field though, so it’s not like you’re holding your breath on every grounder.

    I’d like to see someone fit comfortably into the lead off spot too.. Patterson had some strikeout problems this year. He’s fast, but he’s also a bit of a power hitter who fans a bit too much for #1. Either he becomes a better contact hitter, or we move him down in the lineup a bit….

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