What’s Wrong with this Picture?

I walked toward my cubical today, and instantly felt something was wrong… very wrong. I felt cold… death. [beyond the normal cold death I feel walking in to work any day… for my birthday I’m asking for heat.].. Anyway, I looked in to my cube..[“A domain of evil it is… in you must go”].. and I saw this:

My Cube

Vengeance will be mine.

8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. i’m confused. did they open your orange juice or something? don’t worry i’ll use my handy sherlock holmes detective kit to find the culprit. i’m sure they left fingerprints on the lid. whatever you do, don’t drink it until i’m able to have it analized, there may be a hair or something in there to help us. remember everything could be a clue.

  2. whatever you do, don’t drink it until i’m able to have it analized… ewwwww…. I don’t think you WANT to drink it after swac has “analized” it…

  3. You know I don’t visit your site much but you really know how to make Cardinal fans welcome.

    Well, I guess at least I can rest in the comfort of postseason play – unlike other fans.

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