More of the Same.

I’ve got a few more little things to take care of.. and as it’s already 1 am, I may as well not sleep, and just write instead.

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

The Cubs are in the World Series… I told you I had a feeling about this team. Continuing their impressive win streak, the Cubs swept the Braves, with the unlikely hero being Alex Gonzalez, leading the team in batting average, homeruns (he hit one in all 4 games), and hits. Now we’re off to face the Rangers. My money is still on the Cubs.


Honestly, can you imagine a pair of shoes more perfectly designed for me?

new shoes

Turtle Attack!

It happened again, only this time, the target was bigger. He’s getting more bold… taking on opponents rivaling his own size.. and winning easily. Yup, my turtle took out another fish.. but this time, the fish was quite large, and the results were quite disgusting.. so naturally I took pictures.


I finally started watching the show Alias… I watched the first episode late Saturday night->Sunday Morning.. and I was instantly hooked.. and very much wanted to watch every single episode that very second.. I’m rather impressed with myself that I’ve managed to hold off, opting to savor each episode, rather than blowing through them as I tend to do. But yes, to all you people out there that have urged me to watch the show the past 3 years or so: You were right, and thank you. I’m all giddy about it now. Also, Jennifer Garner is a hotty.


R.E.M. came out with a new album: Around the Sun. It is very good, and I recommend you give it a listen. Currently favorites include “Final Straw” and “Leaving New York”. [What, you expected me to not like an R.E.M. album?]


Here’s the scene: Sven and I were playing the Homerun derby game on MVP Baseball 2004. The object of the game is not to hit the most homeruns, but rather, to be the first player to hit a total designated distance. E.g. 1 Mile. So each hit counts for however man feet it flew before landing. Foul balls count negative, and strikes are -100 ft. Homeruns will earn you an extra 100 ft. bonus, and every 5th ball or so is the Money (we’d call it the “Monkey”) ball, which is worth double. Easy enough? Yeah, it’s fun. So you both play at the same time, and the first person to the designated distance wins. Obviously, as I’ve played the game a ton more, I was going to be better at the whole consistent hitting thing, but the game also records the longest homerun hit by each person, and this became the chief source of competition: Who could hit the longest homerun? We battled for hours, starting out with sure fire winners like Sosa and Barry Bonds… then tried out Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner (they were disappointments, but I think it’s cause we assigned them to AA teams in order to play as them.) We tried different stadiums, and altered the wind… Eventually we made it to the Astrodome, with me as Sosa, and Sven as Bonds. I hit a rocket that flew 531.. I was pleased. Sven switched over to Pujols, and promptly smashed one 554.. I kept at it with Sosa, and consistently gained with each competition: 535, 537, 538.. finally 541.. but I just couldn’t break 550… So I decided to try out Pujols. Now it’s Pujols vs. Pujols at the Astrodome. First pitch: 550! Now we’re getting somewhere.. After a few more games I had him up to 552, but couldn’t top 554 for some reason… and we decided to head off to Coors field. The first game: 587! Unbelievable. the ball was just sailing out of that park. 561, 583, 585… then 593! I was elated. Seriously, how is he going to top 593!? Sven began to falter, and his homeruns were falling to the mid 400s… It was getting very late, and the wife was getting impatient.. So last game was called…. It started like any other game.. I jumped out to an early lead thanks to some unfortunate off-speed pitches for Sven… then out of nowhere I hear 597!

There were some words I heard on the playground years ago, back in Cleveland. At the time I wasn’t really sure what they meant, or why they were said in such a violent tone… But at that moment, when Sven hit that ball 3 feet shy of a full 600, those words all came shooting out like fire. I was dumbfounded. 597!? Seriously?..

At my insistence, we played a few more games, but I wasn’t able to top his score. We had played that game for at least 4 hours and I had a bruise on the side of my pointer finger… and Sven had beaten me at my own game.

Only one word comforts me now: Rematch.

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  1. Having won only 1 of the 50+ games played that night, I left knowing that I have hit the longest home run at the Astrodome and in the game.

    I feel a strange sense of accomplishment in my life.

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