Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey! Yesterday I turned 26! It was my birthday. It was fun and exciting. I got a number of things.. want to see? Here we go:

I got 26 baby gold fish from Rachel. [Thus far Ned has been unable to catch them.]

Robb hooked me up with some lovely beverages!


My Dad and Mom got me some awesome posters!


… and a special edition DVD.

I got a number of really nice and funny cards. Thanks to everyone who gave me one!

Ambulance Ambulance

Oh yeah, I also totally tore up my knee [MCL, maybe ACL too], got to ride in an ambulance, got some crutches, and some snazzy pain pills! Happy birthday to me!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy 26! Looks like your injury was sports-related, so you don’t have to feel like you’re getting old and your body is giving up.

    My mom tore her MCL and maybe her ACL skiing last winter, and it turned out to just be the MCL, and it healed fine without surgery (except for a laproscopy to figure out that that was what had happened) so here’s hoping your situation will be similar.

  2. Happy birthday man!

    Sorry to hear about your injury. You know there are other less painful types of attention-seeking behaviors.

    But seriously, I hope you’re feeling alright.

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